Stupid meme

The rules are

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
5. Present an image of martial discord from whatever period or situation you’d like.

Cass seems to think I like to play. I *do* like to play but usually on my OWN terms. However, I am in a benevolent mood and therefore will deign to entertain the rules she is imposing on me.

Because I *am* that nice.


Stop laughing.

So here we are. I’m sure Cass has been waiting around, impatiently, for my answers. Probably even tapping her foot a few times for good measure. And, while I’m actually typing this up reasonably soon after she tagged me, because I am in wireless hell (aka Mother Rucker aka Fort Rucker, Alabama), it’s probably going to be a few more days until I can actually get this up to post. Heh. Wonder if she’ll blow a gasket. Might be interesting to see.

Might as well get started – it’s not like there’s a lot else to do in the UCLA (Ugliest Corner of Lower Alabama). At least they now have a Target which is more than I can say for Hawaii.

Seven facts about myself (most random, most weird):

  1. I am terrified of bridges- especially those that go over water. I watched some stupid movie when I was a kid about the Golden Gate Bridge falling apart and trapping cars on sections of it that were left standing and ever since I have had a fear of bridges. I used to think it was irrational but then the one in Minneapolis came tumbling down and all I can think is, "SEE!!! And you all thought I was being silly!!!" Good thing I don't live in Portland (have you SEEN how many bridges they have there?!?)

  1. I'd much rather be cold than hot. You can always put more clothing on. But you can only take so much off before you get arrested. Besides, with my Irish heritage, I look a heckuva lot better in jeans and a sweater than I do in a bikini. Trust me. And, having lived in one of the coldest places on earth and in some of the hotter places on earth, I feel that this is an informed opinion.

  1. I'm a Washington Redskins fan. For no other reason than this cute boy named Alan in 4th grade liked them. I've been a Redskins fan ever since. I remember my dad was on a business trip and mom and I were eating dinner when Joe Theismann broke his leg. I was 13. LT (Lawerence Taylor) tackled him and he stayed down and then they started showing the reverse angle replay and you could see his lower leg bending in a place that has no joint. I can STILL see that image in my mind. Gives me shivers even now. Did you know that Joe Theismann's last name used to be pronounced "Theezman" but he changed it to match the pronounciation of "Heisman". Just a bit of useless trivia!

  1. I love Starbucks. And yet I don't like coffee. Go figure. I am a HUGE tea fan (you should see all of the teas I have in the cupboard!) and I'm hooked on their chai tea. And now they have this blueberry white tea thing...YUM! I first had chai at a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop in Colorado when I was in college. Long before Starbucks spread like a virus across the nation (world?) and long before anyone else knew what the hell "chai" was. And yes, I am well aware of the fact that I can make chai at home and I often do. But I like the atmosphere at SBUX - the music, the barristas, all of it. And, at home, it does NOT taste the same, no matter how much my husband may disagree with me. I love the fact that they are invariably found in/attached to bookstores. That is heaven right there. Only way it could get better is if LIBRARIES starting having SBUX in them.

  1. When I play cards, my hand has a particular order. For instance, we played Uno with the kids last night. The cards in my hand must be in rainbow order and in numerical order (smallest on the left, biggest on the right, then face cards). If they are not, it truly bothers me. Makes it tough to play poker though.

  1. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem using only my tongue. It’s a silly bar trick – one I picked up in high school (yep) and perfected in college. Cass may not see why people do this but I think it’s a neat trick to be able to do. It’s definitely a conversation-starter.

  1. I’m good with numbers. Not math-wise (well, I’m ok at math. I love it and can hold my own all the way through Calculus. And I have both an Algebra workbook and a Calculus workbook on my nightstand at home. Yes, I’m a nerd.) but in terms of remembering numbers. I can remember people’s phone numbers from when I was a kid. I can remember the phone numbers of people I’ve known but cannot remember their names, like the blonde-haired boy that lived at the end of the street and moved when I was 7. I still remember his number but I don’t remember his name.

Now to share the misery…because you know it loves company:

1. ArmyWifeToddlerMom (because she doesn't have enough to do already)

2. My friend over at Lovin' Hawks (because I miss her and she's funny as hell)

3. Most Certainly Not (see #2)

4. Tammi (see #2...I'm sensing a pattern here.)

5. Jen (again see #2 not to mention she's not really posted anything new since October of '07 so this might be an easy way for her to ease back in)

6. RSM (yep, see #2 only RSM's a boy)

7. Jill (because I'm hoping to see her again at the MilBlog conference and she's trying to break a jinx)

I'll get around to tagging people later once I get ahold of a decent wireless signal. Ugh.

Now, for the martial discord image (and yes, Cass, I misread it the first time too.). Hmm...

Ok - got it. I'm not going to post the picture here - you'll have to click through to the link. It's a photo from Michael Yon, whom I admire greatly. I just finished reading "Moment of Truth" and once again I am awed. The work he does and the dedication he has to getting the truth out and highlighting the successes our servicemembers (and those of the Coalition Forces) have fought for and won is incredible.

CSM Prosser in alley

If you get a chance, buy the book. If you can't buy the book, read the series on the Battle for Mosul over at Michael's place.


- hfs


Mary said...

1. Ditto, plus ferris wheels
2. Ditto
3. Ditto, plus KC Chiefs and SF 49rs
4. Nope
5. Ditto
6. Ditto
7. Ditto

BillT said...

No ditto.

Love coffee, hate the coffee at Starbucks -- as expensive as it is, you'd think they'd learn to brew it *right*...

Beth said...

i don't like coffee either --- but i love starbucks hot cocoa!

Cassandra said...

I'm a wicked 'Skins fan too :p
I knew I liked you for more than one reason.


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