Thank God for family. Thank God for Southern Hospitality.

Over the course of this "adventure" and it's 2,700 miles, we are fortunate in that we will never once have to stay in a hotel room (unless you count the Guest House at Rucker a hotel). We have family and friends at each stop who have been son incredibly gracious and generous in allowing us to crash with them.

We are blessed.

Of course, there is always "The Curse" and we've come up against it yet again. Hopefully this will just be a run-of-the-mill cold due to the fact that we've been going Mach 2 with our hair on fire for the past week+. Thankfully, my cousin's husband is a doctor so we're going to go in to his office with him tomorrow morning and he's going to check out Princess Trouble who seems to have caught a bug and has a fever. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Both kids have been thanking me for such a fun trip which is sweet. And we haven't even made it to the GOOD parts yet! We had a ball in Knoxville and found a great place called Sprout Studio near downtown. The kids had a blast there and then we stumbled over one of my favorite bagel shops - Brueggar's Bagels - so we stopped to have lunch and then went on to a big warehouse that had about a dozen bounce houses. We hit Open Play day and the kids ran themselves - and me - ragged.

It's kind of fun being vagabonds!


- hfs


BillT said...

I swear, I am never travelling AGAIN.

See what happens when you swear in public?

Homefront Six said...

My mother always told me "Never say never." And, with the military, that is so true.


Cdgin said...

See, if I would have paid attention and read more, instead of running around, I would have known you wee going to be in Knoxville. While you were here, I could have offerred a pool and horseback riding for the kids. We live in Knox.-well right outside it anyway.


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