We interrupt this trip...

...for an FRG-related rant.

Actually it's more like a rant against the powers-that-be. It's hard enough to run a Family Readiness Group. Between the ridiculously restrictive Army regs on fundraising and the issues that are inherent in trying to bring a group of people - any people - to a consensus, it's tough. But, dammit, it's even harder when the players keep changing!

We have a big crop of new LTs in the unit. Lots of them. Fresh meat, if you will. Several of them are married with wives who are willing to jump in and help out - either with positions within the leadership or as a Key Caller. Or both. Which is GREAT! We are basically starting from scratch in terms of the structure of the FRG because of all of the personnel changes that come following a deployment (my estimate is that the unit is losing about 75%-90% of the personnel that deployed to Iraq).

Over the course of the past two to three weeks, I've lost my Treasurer and 2 Key Callers. Today I just found out that not only have I lost my THIRD Key Caller but also one of the LTs that was most helpful.

And not because they are PCSing. He is being moved to one of the other companies within the Battalion. GRR!!! Stop stealing my people!!!!! No wonder it's so frigging hard to get anything done. About the time I get rapport established with someone within the company and get things rolling in terms of updating the FRG contact roster, getting a list of new or incoming families, etc. I lose my contact. Not to mention this latest loss was a spouse who had previously been involved in running an FRG in the past as well as being an FRSA (Family Readiness Support Assistant - someone in a paid position who helps the Family Readiness Groups operate to the best of their abilities) so she was a WEALTH of information and ideas.


I want to punch someone in the nose on this one.

And it's doubly frustrating because I'm 6,000 miles away and can't march my cranky butt into anyone's office and deal with this (not like I have any control whatsoever but the illusion is nice. Let me have it.).


I'm done now.


- hfs

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BillT said...

Kate the Luddite Wife shares your pain. She was the FSG (it was Family Support Group in the Olden Days) pres'dent and our battalion had folks from three states deploying. Every time she tried to get a telephone tree growing, somebody would move in with relatives and forget to notify her. The Full-Timer Second Looey the state assigned to "help" not only sent all the spouses the wrong APO info for our unit, she told them not to write because we'd be "really, really busy" doing Army things.

Then she flushed the FSG database from the FSG computer by sitting her phone on top of the box for a week. Right above the drive.

The state Adjutant General congratulated her on her sterling performance one month later, moved her to state headquarters and gave her an MSM.

So, for eight months, our battalion FSG consisted of my wife (at home) and me (deployed). She told me what she wanted done over the phone and I took care of e-mailing the info back.

It's been seven years, and the Luddite Wife still refuses to use a computer and absolutely hates female Second Looeys...


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