Home sweet home...not.

Many of you will recall our run-ins with Deployment Gremlins while MacGyver was in Iraq. I was under the impression that, once he came home, they would leave.

I was wrong. I should have hired an Exorcist to kick them to the curb.

While I was gone, I got a phone call from one of my friends that was watching the house for me. "Um, how old is your refrigerator?" she asks. That's never a good way to start a conversation.

Said refrigerator is only 1.5 years old.

Said refrigerator is dead. Said refrigerator died about a week before my friend popped into the house. A week is a long, LONG time in Hawaii to leave perishable food without refrigeration.

The mold had mold.

ICK. (anyone know if renters' insurance covers something like this? I'll be on the phone with our insurance company in the AM to find out)

And, of course, Maytag's warranty is only 1 year and I didn't buy the extended warranty. Who would have thought that a BRAND NEW fridge would go T.U. at THE most inopportune time?

Not me - that's why I didn't buy the extended warranty. Maytag will be hearing from me. Loudly. In the meantime, I went out first thing today and bought a new fridge - one that ISN'T Maytag, one that hopefully will not die on me, and one to which I added an extended warranty.

And, in normal fashion (for us), the car and the computer ganged up on me. I forgot to disconnect the car battery while we were gone so, when I went out to start her up this morning (and pull her out of the garage in order to make room for the icky, smelly refrigerator) she gave me nothing. *sigh* 0 for 2.

Wanna know something interesting about my car? When you hook her up to the charger/jumper and turn it on, the damn horn blares. Lovely. The battery is sufficiently dead so she's now sitting on a long, slow charge until tomorrow morning.

She better start.

And then the computer. Why is it that the 3 things that fall under MacGyver's expertise die when HE is gone? Thankfully he's just in Alabama and not Iraq and therefore I was able to place a "tech support" call to him. One hour later I have new drivers installed and a phone call placed to our ISP because our modem isn't putting out like it should. Heh. The Customer Service Rep didn't catch the humor in that statement.

So, while it was glorious to sleep in my own bed last night, it was short-lived. Little Man was up with the sun (even though he didn't go to bed until 1am last night). Hopefully tonight (and tomorrow) are better.

It is truly good to be home. It will be even better once I get these damn gremlins out of my house.


- hfs

p.s. if you've sent me email or called in the past 48 hours or so, please be patient. I'm working my way through my "To Do" list and I promise, you're on it.


Val said...

:( I am sorry that your Maytag was mean to you.

FWIW, my parents used to make those refrigerators... back when the plant was in the states... They would have made you a better one. I promise.

Anonymous said...

We have had the gremlins...I lost a fridge, washer AND dryer all within 10 days of each other on deployment. Ask me how fast my credit card melted on that one. I managed to save the Ben & Jerry's. Took me a while to eat it, but I did :)

Hopefully those bitches are gone and all will be well tomorrow. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

Homefront Six said...

Val ~ back in the day when your parents made Maytag fridges, they WERE wonderful machines. So I know that your promise is a good one.

My parents still own the Maytag washer that they had while I was growing up. I think they had it before I was born (or was that the fridge...can't remember. They are the same color - avocado green) and it runs like a champ. I think it's had the motor replaced once or twice but it's still there and washing!

Which is why I went with Maytag in the first place. Little did I know.

P&K ~ during MacGyver's last deployment, the washer and the car died on me. Shortly after I bought the now-deceased fridge. My credit card still hasn't recovered. But thank God you saved the Ben and Jerry's! What flavor??

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

I'm not sure how many things I've had issues with during a deployment and also when he's just working...Car (window not going up after going down in Germany winter) computer (not only died, it smelled of smoke, whole new meaning to burned up) dishwasher (yeah, we don't discuss that!)the OTHER CAR (who knew BMW's had the battery located under the back seat?) the roof leaking (insurance claim #3 for the year), the pipe coming off the woodburning stove while it's on full blast!!!!.....but yeah, it happens when you least expect it...or need it...subject of Murphy's Law...damn gremlins.

BTW we just bought a new frigde (new house did not come with one) and we chose not to buy the EW on it....now I wonder if I should have.....

Eh, I guess I will find out if it is all it's cracked up to be in the future, but it's not a Maytag, it's a Whirlpool.....hope it holds out, can't afford to buy another one, not with owning the money pit and all....



BillT said...


Just sayin'...

Homefront Six said...

Bill ~ eh?

And, those of you following my sad saga, I have a question for you...

if you were a receipt for a fridge purchased in 2006, WHERE WOULD YOU BE?!?

cdgin said...

Did you get your answer on the renters policy question. In most cases the fridge itself will not be covered (even all risk policies) it's considered mechanical breakdown, however, if you had a lot of stuff in your fridge or freezer, that might be covered depending on your policy. However, you have to see if it's more than your deductible. And you want to make sure you don't make a little claim, when you don't need too-because you don't want to get cancelled.

Our Maytag dishwasher that is only 3.5 years old is broke and needs replaced. The Whirlpool dryer that was only 2.5 years has been repaired 3 times. They all stink anymore.


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