One of the things I loved to do as a kid was grow things. Dad and I would plant carrots and radishes and we always had tomatoes growing. This was in addition to the fruit trees (navel and valencia oranges, tangerines, pomegranates, white grapefruit) and other things growing in our backyard. Ah, the joys of living in Southern California!

The beauty of living in Hawaii is that it's pretty much prime growing season year-round. So the kids and I decided we wanted to plant a garden. But because we live in a rental, digging up a plot in the backyard isn't really an option. Instead, we decided to plant a container garden.

Earlier this week Little Man and I planted carrots, radishes, tomatoes (and marigolds), and a bunch of different herbs. We ran out of soil so once I get more, Princess Trouble is going to help me plant the rest of the tomatoes, the sunflowers (had to get some - the kids begged!), the lettuce, and the spinach. This will be in addition to the multiple pineapple plants we have growing out back as well.


We are already starting to see sprouts in one of the buckets. I didn't label them so I'm not sure what's what just yet. The kids are beyond excited. If this goes well, we'll look into planting beans and peppers next. I'm excited too - I love digging in the dirt and it's a perfect science lesson for the kids as well! (not to mention, with food prices - produce in particular - shooting up faster than my plants, it will ease the burden on the food budget too. AND I might even be able to tempt my children in to actually eating a tomato...)


- hfs


A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Great memories, both for you and for your children...looking forward to seeing their progress....

And the pineapple...makes me hungry.

BillT said...

I never cared much for radishes until I planted some just to fill in a row of carrots.

Wow! Light-years better than store-bought!

Homefront Six said...

It's been my experience that pretty much ALL veggies (and fruits) are light years better than store-bought.

I am not a fan of tomatoes. I'll eat them IN things but I'm not one to just snack on them (as opposed to my mother who will take a beefsteak tomato, sprinkle some salt on it, and munch it like it's an apple). But home-grown tomatoes, fresh off the vine? I'll pop them in my mouth like M&Ms.

Frankly Opinionated said...

Imagine you; enjoining your children in this venture. That they get a bit of science from a "mere Mom"and not the NEA. Pau- you are blessed, both from within and without. Just got back to reading you,(last knew of you to be leaving Mother Rucker). Now to catch up on your posts. If the kids are in the garden with you, they are not on the street corner.
nuf sed


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