I never thought I'd say this

I miss Alaska.

We were there from 1999 to 2002. My baby girl was born there. I miss it and I find that I miss it more the longer we are gone.

When MacGyver first received orders to Alaska (it was his first duty station assignment) I was terrified to go. Everything I had ever heard about Alaska was intimidating, especially for a girl from Southern California. But our time there was awesome. Some of the best friends ever to grace our lives were met in Alaska. I learned to drive on black ice in Alaska. It was incredible.

Don't get me wrong - there were MANY days where the dark and the cold and the small-town mentality of Fairbanks was enough to make me want to run screaming from the state. But I had an incredible job and it was ALASKA! People go there for vacations and I LIVED there!

MacGyver loved it too. The flying was incredible - awe-inspiring and dynamic. The mission was a good one (though I suspect the mission has changed given the fact that the majority of our time there was before 9/11). The unit was a good one as well (God how we miss Major Young). He truly enjoyed flying there.

Alaska is definitely somewhere we both want to go back to. But we're both torn - the majority of his Army career has been spent OCONUS (outside the continental United States) and we long to be back on the mainland. But there is a BIG part of both of us that desperately misses the last great frontier.


I suppose it is a blessing to have lived in places that you miss as much as we miss both Alaska and Colorado.


- hfs


tammi said...

That last sentence says it all Lady! How very lucky y'all are with the beautiful memories you've been able to gather.

And just think! There is so much more to come......

(thank goodness you have a blog. I live vicariously through you!)

Michaele said...

You know we're missing the Fair this week, right?


I'm from Fairbanks- only a military partner/spouse for the last seven years. Left in 2004, but will get to go back next May for my eldest's graduation (four moves in five years was NOT something I was going to do to him).

Don't forget the Northern Lights, moose, trick or treating in snowsuits, the Midnight Sun, the best fishing ever, and the state bird: the mosquito!


Homefront Six said...

Yep - the fair, the RAIN, the fires...heh. I miss gigantic vegetables!

Andrew and Leigh said...

I think that's one of the great heartaches of military life. I find myself homesick all the time not just for the "prize" duty stations but for the not-so-glamorous ones as well. And the thing that makes it especially poignant is the realization that you can't really ever go back. Even if you return to the same place, the people are different, the command is different, the entire experience is different. Loving where you are, longing for where you've been. It's one of the many strange contradictions of this life.

Andi said...

I have been thinking about this lately, too. It's funny how the places I hated in the beginning are the ones I ended up hating to leave. And there are certain places that I've grown nostalgic about and when I mention it, my husband or family will say, "you hated it there."

Heh. Grass greener and all that stuff.

However, Tammi's right. Look how lucky we are to be able to know what it's like to leave in all these places, even the less-desirable ones. And when it comes time to plant roots, I already have a handly little list of retirement places I know I'll be happy living.

How many people actually know what it's like to live in 12 different towns and 10 different states? And in some cases, different countries, too...


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