Jumping the rock

Went up to Waiamea Beach this morning with friends from church. A bunch of "my" kids (the kids I work with at church) convinced me to climb up The Rock and jump off. It's a LONG way down, let me tell you. Best way to clean out your sinuses - that's fo' sho! I thought I was going to hurl the first time I did it and I shook from the adrenalin rush for a while after I jumped.

The second time wasn't quite as never wracking and I managed to actually jump out away from the rock more this time (the first time I jumped, I didn't jump out). Definitely a rush!

Photo courtesy of Digital Apoptosis.

Photo courtesy of PortAloha.com.

The sign reads :
"Jumping diving can cause serious bodily injury or death. For your safety please stay off rock."

Yeaaaah. The way I see it, if I can work up the courage to jump off that rock, I can handle my first subbing job tomorrow, right?

We also snorkeled while we were there and were able to see several Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (otherwise known as a Reef Triggerfish) and even a honu (turtle)! Then it was off to Aoki's for shave ice. YUM!

Good way to start the day!


- hfs


Barb said...

Yummmmm - Shave Ice! Nobody on the mainland does that right - it's one of my favorite parts about going to Hawaii :-)

That rock is freakin' HUGE. I'm impressed. You are so ready for the kids!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pau,
That was amazing experience you had,climbing the rock and jumping into the water was great experience.Your church kids did a good job to convince you to do that.But you have to follow the rules where mentioned on the board because you are the guardian of those kids,you are not suppose do that.

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Homefront Six said...

Hey Jammy ~ their parents were with them. So thanks for the lesson in how to be an adult. The only person I was responsible for was myself.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there. Yah, I would have jumped too.

The next time you get a chance, could you have a pineapple icecream for me?


BillT said...

I'm surprised there's no sign reading "Swimming can cause serious bodily injury, death or encounters with Thingies That Live In The Water And Have Polysyllabic Names. For your safety please stay out of the ocean."

Ooooop. You're *not* in Seattle.

Never mind.

DL Sly said...

Anyone who can conquer that kind of fear certain IS comfortable in her own skin.

Just my penny or three....


mil said...

Did my grandchildren witness that feat??? If so, they should now fully understand not to mess with Mom!
...and I was was saying prayers for today's experience.

Homefront Six said...

Little Man was there but he was busy playing with a friend and didn't witness either of my jumps.

Anonymous said...

I saw the pic and without even starting to read, I knew exactly where that was. Many happy leaps off the rock. I'm glad you got a chance to try it. Looks like a beautiful day. Try it in the winter with the surf up.

Homefront Six said...

I don't know about winter - some of those waves are MASSIVE! Then again, they tend to break further out. We'll see what kind of courage I have then.

(and I didn't take that picture. I forgot my camera that day.)

liza said...

I like to go there also. Whatta magnificent beach!

And of course, I will jump too! =)


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