Long weekends aren't my favorite things when MacGyver isn't here. This has been a LONG 4 months. And it's not over yet but we're heading in to the home stretch. This separation has been a bit of an adjustment for me - the mindset is different this time around. When he was in Iraq, I worried. He was in an unsafe spot and was doing unsafe things.

Now? Not so much. Now he's hanging out with old friends, riding motorcycles, drinking beer, shooting pool. It's easy to slip into that "he has it easy compared to me" attitude. At least when he was Iraq, they were shooting at him.

Awful, isn't it? I have to remind myself that he misses us terribly and would so much rather be here than there. Though there are days when I'd gladly switch places with him. At least he'll be home for Princess Trouble's birthday.


Conversation with Little Man today:

LM: Mommy, do bad guys live on asteroids?

ME: I don't think so. I don't think anyone lives on asteroids. There's no oxygen in space and that makes it hard to breathe.

LM: So we couldn't live on an asteroid?

ME: No.

LM: What if we lived on a ship?

ME: What kind of a ship? Like a boat?

LM: No. Like a plane.

ME: That could be interesting. I think we might get bored and want a yard to play in.

LM: Yeah. And there aren't any bathtubs. Where would we take baths?

ME: ...Good point.


Hurricane Gustav is giving me heartburn. Much less so than Katrina now that Grama no longer lives down there. But we still have friends in the area and it sure does dredge up those awful days in 2005. I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight. I did that in August of 2005 and woke up early the next morning to find that Katrina had taken dead aim at where my Grama lived.

So right now, I'm glued to the television, praying Gustav keeps tracking west of NOLA and thanking God for Bobby Jindal.


A friend of mine started selling jewelry for a certain jewelry company and I'm hosting a party for her next weekend. Drop me an email (homefrontsix @ yahoo.com) if you wanna know who the company is or if you're interested in placing an order.


I'm still trying to get a design drawn up for new T shirts for the unit. But I am not graphically inclined and the one person I had been put in contact with hasn't delivered. Anyone good with Photoshop or other graphic design programs? I'm not looking for anything show-stopping. I was thinking of a Chinook slingloading a palm tree with the unit info and name in a circle around it. I'd like to sell them as a fundraiser for the unit FRG.


Nineteen days. Nineteen days until I head out for the MilBlogging conference! I. Can't. Wait. Everything seems to be in place. The plane ticket is purchased (Thanks J.K.!!!), the hotel room is booked and paid for (thanks to everyone for that!) as is the rental car (again, thanks!). I think I even have a few bucks left on the In-N-Out gift card that my Godmother gave me for Christmas so Carrie and I will be hitting the closest In-N-Out at first chance. And my mom gave me cash for some spending money (and goodies for the kids). I don't gamble so no need for that.

Nineteen days!!! I'll be doing my best to live-blog it with my new Mac (gonna have to keep Andi away from it so she doesn't get drool on it) which should be fun.


That's all for now. Time to go pack the car. We're heading to the beach tomorrow with friends from church. Then it's back to the daily grind (which I happen to enjoy) and hopefully a few work days before it's VEGAS, BABY!


- hfs


BostonMaggie said...

Woohoo! Vegas baby!

Andrew and Leigh said...

I happen to love the daily grind, too. That's a good sign, right??

Homefront Six said...

Viva Las Vegas! Just remember Maggie, what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas. And the other thing - pictures are not memories. They are EVIDENCE.

And yes, loving the daily grind is a good thing. There's comfort in routine.


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