Now I'm excited

McCain picks Palin for VP slot


I've not been this excited about an election EVER. I about danced around the living room in my jammies this morning when I read the announcement. Never mind that I'm partial because we used to live in Alaska, this woman comes as close to perfect (in my mind. Obviously I don't speak for anyone other than myself) for a VP as it gets.


I can't stop grinning.


- hfs


airforcewife said...

I just adore that picture.

But you should include one of her quite hawt hubby, too. :)

SemperFi Wife said...

I'll second what you said in your post and what AFW said in her comment...

Mary said...

I figured you would like the choice he made! So do I for the most part

On a very shallow note, I also liked her glasses!

FKA Haole Girl said...

I'm invigorated!

Or re-invigorated, if that's a word!!!

Annie said...

Are you shocked to know that this just sealed the deal on who I'm voting for in November? I hadn't made up my mind yet - until McCain made his VP choice. And now - I don't believe I'm saying this - I'm voting Republican. Yes, you read that right.

mssc54 said...

I can't wait to see how Joe Bidon is going to handle the debate with her!

McCain made a brilliant choice here.

Homefront Six said...

Annie, I am shocked. Not that it sealed the deal but that you're voting Republican. Interesting...

I can't wait to see her take Biden on either. Given his lack than outstanding performance at the DNC, I think she'll eat him alive.

Haole Girl ~ I wasn't invigorated to begin with. But I definitely am now. I don't know that I've EVER been this excited about an election or a political candidate. There are VERY FEW politicians that I could ever find myself excited about. I'd say I could count them on my left hand.

She's one of them.