Next panel up is MilBlogging as a Community and moderated by Melinda of SpouseBuzz and Most Certainly Not. Panelists include LAW of ParentZone, FuzzyBear Lioness, Mrs. G. from Mudville Gazette, and Sarah from Trying to Grok.

What are some of the "hot button" issues for families and your audience?

Sarah: It's interesting how we will write anything for everyone. The biggies are ones that are really personal - the things that you NEVER talk about like how many of us sit home and plan our husband's funeral or divulge the innermost details of reunification.

Mrs. G.: Dawn Patrol is a great resource.

FbL: Project Valour-IT started during Hurricane Katrina and had a rough start. So the idea came about to pit the services against one another to raise monies for PVIT. And the fundraising exceeded everyone's wildest dreams.

How does the milblogging community fill the gap for the parent community?
LAW: ArmyWives (the show) has a line..."It's a totally different muscle" in reference to sending a child into combat as opposed to sending a spouse. Parents are different than spouses. They are not often on the radar with regard to the military.

Mary from MilitaryOneSource is speaking about the new stuff coming up including TroopTube (as an alternative to YouTube), a blog site called GoalPost, moderated online counseling, and HeroHelpers which will be coming online in the next few weeks.

LAW: Is MilitaryOneSource.com available to parents?

Mary: It's not a black and white area. Depends on the level of support being offered to the servicemember. There are resources for parents on MilitaryOneSource.

QUESTION: Are there any communities out there that try to form a support structure for veterans? Are there any plans to expand those communities to veterans from other wars?

Sarah: When a blogger who was a military member exits military service, it's not like they are then erased from the milbloggosphere.

John Donovan: You're not always going to see what's going on. It's multi-variant, multi-faceted and you don't see it up front all the time. Many things are behind the scenes.

For some reason, I can't get into the BlogWorld Expo's site or Twitter...and it's really ticking me off. Other sites come up just fine. Grr.

We're breaking for lunch.


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liberal army wife said...

that guy who kept asking the question about needing a big umbrella to protect the vets... I wanted to ask him what he thought of the big umbrella we have now - THE VA! he highjacked two question sessions... jeez.


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