Lots going on here. Nothing really newsworthy. Mostly mundane. But that's the way I like it.

I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around the concept of Thanksgiving only being a few short weeks away. Probably because I'm still in shorts and flip flops. Rather than spend gobs of money on food that will eventually become leftovers, I think we are going to be heading over to the DFAC (dining facility) on post. I've heard the food is outstanding (B...there's that word again!) and the company will be great.

We'll be cooking plenty for Christmas Eve and Christmas so I feel no need to go all out for Thanksgiving.

Work (subbing) is good. I'm working sporadically which is fine with me. Like I said, I'm kind of stingy with my free time so I'm not feeling a burning desire to work every day that I can. Once we get past the holidays, I'll start aiming toward the higher end of my goal (10 days/month).

MacGyver's shoulder is still there. He starts physical therapy soon which will be good. He went back to work this past week and it's nice to get back into something that resembles "normal" around here. No idea when he'll start flying again - my thought is that won't happen until sometime next spring at best.

We've had some interesting possibilities land in our laps this past week. If anyone has any information on life in the Guard or Reno, Nevada...drop me a line (homefrontsix @ yahoo.com...no spaces). It's nothing solid at this point - just possibilities and something for my obviously underworked brain to churn over.

The rugrats are good. Staying busy with the usual things that rugrats stay busy with. Growing like weeds. I need to find the Halloween pictures and get those up.

So we're still here. Not much to report. Sorry about that!


- hfs


Pogue said...

What kind of Guard info are you looking for?

Shawna said...

Don't know anything about Reno, but WOOHOO for being closer to CO! :)

Jen said...

Another Thanksgiving possibility - my house, with my 24 pound turkey!

We'll have plenty, and oh yeah - it's free!

Homefront Six said...

Jen ~ thanks!! We're going to meet up with a bunch of the guys/families from MacGyver's unit at the DFAC. Easier than trying to cram a dozen people in to my house for dinner!

Pogue ~ is Guard life pretty similar to AD life in terms of pay/allowances/health care/etc? Will MacGyver still be eligible for the ACP if he goes full-time Guard? I'm assuming that his MTP bonus would be gone (but hopefully might be wrong).

When transitioning from AD to full-time Guard, will the Army pay to move us?

I think that's all the questions I have right now but I'm sure there will be more if this thing looks like it will work out.

maryhuff2001 said...

Lia, I'm not Pogue, but I can help with some questions. If hubby is going AGR there should be no difference in pay and entitlements. And there shouldn't be a problem with the move as well. We are AGR and we moved to Bragg and back to LA.

Anonymous said...

I long for the mundane days.

And since today is Veterans Day.


Enjoy your day.

Pogue said...

Did you get the email I sent?


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