Manic Mondays

I seem to hit the ground running on Mondays. Lists to tackle, errands to run, things to accomplish. And it seems like it takes me the rest of the week to recover. From my Monday. Which is ridiculous, if you ask me.

The latest news on the US-Iraq pact does not change things for MacGyver. Might change the nature of the deployment but other than that, everything else is still on track. Which is ok with me. Really.

I know that's odd. But I made peace with the fact that MacGyver will be heading back a long time ago. In fact, when the whole Guard thing popped up last week, I found myself actually uncomfortable with the idea that MacGyver would possibly NOT deploy. Odd how the mind of a military spouse works. Seems that the possibility of MacGyver getting out and being able to go Guard at this point in his career is slim at best. But that's ok.

In other news, I passed 1,000 posts last week. It was a Project Valour-IT post which made me smile. The fundraising drive is on-going and there's a long way to go.

I keep meaning to take a picture of MacGyver in one of his newest shirts. Actually they are about 6 weeks old. The night that he came home from his shoulder surgery, it dawned on us that he was going to have a very tough time putting on shirts. And it dawned on me that I was blessed to have someone in my life who created a company to meet just that need. So I dropped Ginger a note and asked her if she had any shirts lying around that she could bear to part with. And she did. She was kind enough to pack up several and ship them on over.

Sew Much Comfort has made our lives SO much easier. Thank you, Ginger and ALL of the people that make up SMC. The even cooler thing is that just by MacGyver wearing the shirts, word about SMC has gotte out around here. The ortho department knows about them, we'll be donating the shirts to the Physical Therapy department once MacGyver is done with them.

I was talking with MacGyver the other evening about my attitude toward the political world. It's going to go one of two ways - I'm either going to jump in with both feet and go completely on the offensive or I'm going to retreat into my hole for the next four years. Right now I'm leaning toward the latter. Just seems easier. Especially if we're struggling to keep our heads above water.

Which I'm not sure that we are but it sure feels like it. Things are getting tighter. Costs are going up here faster than pay is. The electricity rates are outrageous and have been for a few months. Gas prices have eased a bit but the state is facing fiscal shortages left and right. The other day, I read that the DOE here is $24 million THIS YEAR. That means they can't pay the transportation bills and food bills. Good thing my kid doesn't ride the bus or eat school lunch.

We're cutting expenses where we can. Gymnastics is on hold for now (partly for financial reasons but mainly because we need a break from the go-go-go of the week). We're putting up a clothesline in the hopes of cutting our electricity bill. Lots more eating at home rather than eating out. Christmas will be modest (which it usually is) which, if you ask me, is a blessing. And when MacGyver deploys, I'll be canceling cable (woohoo!!!). EBay and Craigslist are our friends and once the new year starts, I'll be picking up the pace on my subbing.

I'm mailing in my application for the EMT program as soon as MacGyver's commander signs off on the form (so I can qualify for resident tuition). We'll see how that goes. Hopefully they won't try to make me retake Anatomy and Physiology.

Ball is coming up soon. A chance to get dressed up and be Princess-like. This is the first time I've been involved in the planning and it's been...interesting. Can't say I'd like to do it again. But I'm glad I've done it. In the end, it should be a wonderful evening. Assuming the Cav guys can behave.

Any bets?

Christmas is beckoning. Several friends, for a variety of reasons, have their trees up. I'm itching but doing my best to wait until after The Most Adored Food Holiday to put it up.

I promise.


- hfs


Jen said...

Cav guys behaving at a ball?

Watch for the flying pigs!!!

Leigh said...

I'm with Jen. I wouldn't hold my breath. :)

liberal army wife said...

The question is - would you WANT them to behave??? really???

I'm with you on the deployment. Knew it was coming (kinda wanted it to wait a little longer..) and I'm almost ok with it. Gonna be different this time, him going alone, no one to hang with who gets it, and no one to be able to email with birthday surprises (the big 50 birthday I have still to be forgiven for!) but it is what it is.


BillT said...

Assuming the Cav guys can behave.

That's like assuming *I* can behave.



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