The night the lights went out...in Hawaii

Well, THAT was fun. Thank goodness I had already prepped dinner as it's hard to cook on the BBQ in the driving rain while lightning dances about.

Yes, we lost power last night. Whoop-de-doo. You'd think O'ahu had never, in the history of the island, lost power. Good GRIEF. Yes, it was an inconvenience. But at least it wasn't 100*. or -20*. And it was TWELVE HOURS! C'mon. You'd think Hurricane Katrina had come through, the way people are carrying on. It's ridiculous.

"I feel lost. We have to buy candles," said Akina. "Hopefully they can get something up and running. We'll play board games by candlelight until then."

Seriously? You're telling me you had NO candles and NO flashlights in the house? You live on an island that deals with power outages on a pretty regular basis and has been in the path of several major hurricanes and you have no candles? At Christmas time even?

Way to be prepared, people. Sheesh.

As for us, we had a lovely meal of leftover minestrone soup, cornbread muffins, and salad by candle light (after grabbing the flashlights that we have in just about every room in the house in order to get the candles from the cabinets along with the matches) and then played card games until bedtime. It's not hard to be prepared.



- hfs

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Teresa said...

12 hours... not too bad, not convenient, but not too bad.

We were out for 3 days about 2.5 weeks ago. Just today we finally saw the electric company trucks pull in - they still need to attach our electric lines back onto the house (it's not such a good thing to have them laying in the yard... who knew - LOL)

After that I can finally get my phone back. Heh.

At least I had my Blackberry, so I could get online... it does data from my house but doesn't work so well as a phone (no nearby towers).

The joys of modern technology. LOL.


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