Now you see it, now you don't!

UPDATE: I logged in this morning to find that all of my email archives are back. *WHEW* However, I've not been all too pleased with my email server for a while so I'm switching. This pertains to my personal email, not the yahoo email associated with this blog. So those of you who know, know.


Earlier today, I was having issues accessing my email inbox. The program kept telling me I had incorrect login credentials. Every once in a while it does this - just a minor hiccup in the server or whatever. I tried logging out and logging back in a few times but I had things to do so I shut off the computer and headed out.

Came home this evening and fired my sweet Mac back up and attempted to log in to my email once more.

SUCCESS...kind of.

I have new messages waiting for me but all of my archives are GONE.

GONEGONEGONE. Gone like the wind. Not there. Crap.

220 messages in my inbox alone. Six or seven folders including FRG information, mailing addresses for anyone I've sent a Christmas card to in the past 10 years and anyone who's moved in the past 10 years, messages from MacGyver while he was in Iraq...GONE.


I have an email in to tech support for my email server but I'm not holding out much hope. *sigh* In the grand scheme of things, it's really not a big deal. I don't know that there was much in there that I cannot live without. But there were things in there that I used - addresses, a recipe for a great tater tot casserole, some DITY move information, etc. Nothing major but surely inconvenient.

I'd really like the emails from MacGyver back.


- hfs


Jen said...

Oh...that stinks! I'm so sorry - I would be so sad if all the emails from Al disappeared.

Here's hoping that the server can resurrect your archives for you!

liberal army wife said...

Oh that sucks. I lost a bunch of the IM talks DH and I had last time when my harddrive had hysterics, so I now back those puppies up on 1)disk, 2) finger drive 3)another hard drive. I'm not losing those!


Anonymous said...

In your copious spare time, you should start sending those precious DH emails to your new account for archiving. That is, *in addition* to all the regular drive/disk backups too!

It's too painful to lose!


BillT said...


When I was in Boz, the IT-iots at the Head Shed closed the dot-arng-dot-mil accounts of all of us who were deployed, which flushed us all from AKO, too.

They're probably still wondering who superglued all their keyboards to the wall.


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