I was born a rambling (wo)man...

I am in hell. Or close. Princess Trouble wanted to invite a few friends over for a sleepover so I currently have three 7 year old girls doing a craft in my kitchen after having made cupcakes and devoured dinner. A movie is next on the agenda. It's already an hour past her normal bedtime so we'll see how long they last. I forgot (or didn't realize - this is our first true "sleepover party") that the noise level of a 7 year old girl increases exponentially for each girl in attendance.

There are dogs in the neighborhood whose ears are ringing. And I need a drink.

MacGyver and Little Man have retreated to the Xbox and are currently playing Halo. Can't say I blame them. There is entirely too much estrogen coursing through this house. I need a drink.

Speaking of Little Man, I believe we are on our way to the first go-round with strep for the year. What's today...? The second of January? Good grief. That's on top of the nine run-ins with strep last year. NINE. Thank goodness we have an ENT consult coming up soo. Either they yank his tonsils out or I will.

The kids still have 2 weeks of break left. We'll see if I am still sane at the end of it all. Especially if this rain keeps up. I'd really like to hit the beach at some point but lately I'd be thrilled just to be able to go out in the backyard without water wings on.

Now that we've hit the new year, the theoretical countdown to deployment has begun. And that's ok. We're mentally ready for the news. In fact, I discourage people from saying, "Well, hopefully things will change." Because, if they *do* change, we'll be moving at the end of the summer and I am NOT ready for that.

Huh. How sad is it that I am more ready for my husband to deploy to a warzone than I am for our family to move? No wonder my civilian friends think military wives are screwy.

I heard back from the school where I am applying for the EMT program. All they need is a copy of my military ID and MacGyver's orders and I'm in. *eek* Still no word on whether they're going to make me retake A&P. If they do, the deal's off. And it's not like you can CLEP out of A&P. I'd have to retake the entire class - dissection lab and all. As much as I LOVED A&P, that's not something I have the time or inclination for. Nor the money. So we'll see. If they turn me down on paper, I'll go in and speak to the head of the program and see if I can get a waiver. The worst they can say is no, right?

I'm still not sure how the logistics would work out. The program is M-F from 8am to 3pm and it's downtown. So that means an hour's commute each way (minimum, assuming minimal traffic. And I can't use the carpool lane because it will only be me in the car (I know, I know...evil single-car-commuter, destroying the earth). Thank goodness for after-school day care. As for the mornings, I'll have to figure that out because MacGyver won't be here to help. Hmm...

Not a whole lot planned for the rest of the holiday weekend. What about you? I need a drink.


- hfs


Michaele said...

Hope you survived the sleepover! I think I purposely put off finishing the downstairs family area when we moved last summer because deep down inside I just knew Dear Daughter would invite squealing, shrieking, giggling girls over to invade it. Of course I'm the weird one who didn't like squealing, shrieking girlfriends when I was her age!

Yes, civvie wives have no clue- but what's normal for us is almost unthinkable for them at times, so it evens out. Let's hear it for being can-do wives and moms, no matter what Uncle Sam has our husbands doing!

BillT said...

By this time, I trust, you've managed to acquire the necessary adult libation and consume same.

Pogue said...

Completely off topic, but remember the CH-47 that had the wiring cut on the Boeing assembly line?


Homefront Six said...

Thanks Pogue. I had heard about this but hadn't seen an article. I think he got off easy.

Jordão said...

We are a blog in the midlle of the Atlantic - Azores! Sorry for being in portugueses but still you can see some photo from Azores Island!

RSM said...

I'd not be able to handle that level of high pitched noise.

As to EMT... we are talking Basic/Intermediate, right? Proud of you but...

They never required a separate A&P course when I went through. I almost like the idea but it seems a bit much for that level.


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