Who has a drill?

I'm down for the count. Seems this cold wasn't ready to leave and has decided to camp out in my sinuses. Lovely. Anyone have a drill so I can drill a few holes in my cheekbones and relieve some of this pressure? Oh. My. Goodness.

MacGyver is currently on a run for DayQuil and Advil Cold and Sinus (the one with REAL pseudphedrine in it, not the replacement crap. Those of you that are meth manufacturers, thanks SO much for screwing it up for the rest of us.) and I've tried banging my head against a wall in the hopes that my sinuses would cut loose.

In other news...


That is all.

In other news, if you could spare some prayers, 6/6 Cav out of Fort Drum could use them. They lost 4 of their best this week and those four left behind families and friends who are hurting. The aviation community is hurting right now and it's nothing compared to what their families are going through. Thanks.


- hfs

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Margaret said...

Prayers going up for those families. =(
I hope you feel better soon.


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