We are home. Safe and sound. They released him early, even. We both feel crummy so it's a "lay low in your jammies" type of day. Lots of ice cream, soup, jello, and naps. Sounds like a good day to me.

Thanks for all of the warm thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes.


- hfs

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AFSister said...

YAY! I am so glad that's over for you all.
You closed the last post with "it's routine, but he's MY baby"... and I totally get that. Thomas had surgery when he was 9 months old, and Kevin had surgery at 6 months and age 5 or 6. All three were incredibly difficult, even though they were "routine".

And as a side note, the "light saber" deal made me laugh out loud and think about Kevin's hernia surgery. To this day, he calls it "belly button surgery". Cracks me up. Anyway, when we were in the anesthesia room, they gave him his choice of scents. He chose a ridiculous combination of grape, bubblegum, and strawberry. It smelled gross, and he wouldn't breath in. He fought, and cried, and it sucked so bad. Then my ex said, "Kevin- show the doctor your Darth Vader impersonation- he'll LOVE it!" So, with one very deep breath, he slipped under. Absolutely amazing.

So... your son had his tonsils removed by a light saber, and my son went under with Darth Vader on his breath. BOYS!!


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