After 12 go-rounds with strep over the past 24 months, including a trip to the ER with a 105.6* temp at one point, Little Man is scheduled to have the offending tonsils (and possibly their buddies, the adenoids) removed.

I gave the doc a choice - either they take them out or I will. The doc chose wisely. Little Man goes in Wednesday.


The night before the pre-op appointment, we were discussing over dinner how the doctors would be removing his tonsils. He hypothesized that the doctors would send a small robot (think Wall-E) down his throat with a mini saw to cut his tonsils out. I laughed at the scope of his imagination and encouraged him to ask the doctor what the plan was.

The next morning, the surgeon is carefully explaining the procedure to me and Little Man and the boy raises his hand (he has manners, let me tell you).


LM: Are you going to send a little robot down into my throat with a saw to cut out my tonsils?


LM: You know, like Wall-E?

SURGEON: Wow. Well, um...not exactly. *blah blah blah* wand with electricity to zap the blood vessels in your tonsils *blah blah blah*

LM (eyes as wide as saucers): You mean you're gonna use a LIGHT SABER???

SURGEON: Is this kid for real??


So tomorrow, we head in and I hand my baby boy over to the anesthesiologist and the surgeon. It's a routine procedure but he's my baby boy and he's not routine.



- hfs


Liz said...

oooo - i love that second pic of little man - he is so precious. good luck with the tonsillectomy! love his manners....

Butterfly Wife said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. For all involved. Take care.

DL Sly said...

Little Man is only going to remember one thing from this:
ICE CREAM! And lots of it. I know, because that's all I remember of when I had my tonsils out. Well, ok, I remember the jello, too........
Besides, yanno, as Mom you are *obligated* to sit right beside him and "share" in the ice cream fest. To make him feel better, don'chaknow. Just choose wisely when it comes to flavors -- I would highly recommend avoiding too many chunks of *extra* stuff within the mix. No matter how much you chew (Chew? What's that? says the small child....), it's still rough going down.

Hope all is better in paradise soon.

Nina said...

Oh, I totally remember the ice cream! I'm sure my mother does too, as it was all three kids at once. LOL

Your boy is such a cutie and I LURV the questions he asked the doctor. Would've paid $$ to see the look on the doc's face after the Light Saber question!!

Homefront Six said...

Thanks! We're home and he's good. He never even really cried. The biggest complaint he had was that his IV bothered him.

And I have nothing but praise for both the surgery team and the Peds staff - they were amazing!

liberal army wife said...

Wall E... only a kid! and yeah, that's a light saber, kiddo!! enjoy the icecream and psssst - give mom some too... she's had a hard day!


BillT said...

A light saber?!?

They yanked mine out with a pair of vise-grips.

Heh -- make sure he doesn't OD on Breyer's Vanilla Tonsillectomy Cure...


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