The first summer that we were here (2005), I made a list of things I wanted to do while we were here. It was up on my MySpace page and I just stumbled across it today. The items in BOLD are things I can check off the list.

- beaches : Sunset, Turtle Bay, Eternity Beach, Kailua, beaches further up the coast from Turtle Bay, Yokohama Beach, (those are the ones I have yet to visit)
- Audubon Society
- Polynesian Cultural Center
- Sea Life Park (we've been but the kids want to go again)

- magic island
- circle island tour by bus
- I want to hit every library on the island
- museum at Schofield Barracks
- drive Kolekole Pass

- snorkle Haunama Bay
- I want to hit all of the botanical gardens on the island (done 3 so far)
- whale watching cruise
- horseback riding at Kualoa Ranch
- hike up to Manoa Falls
- hike Diamond Head
- Friday fireworks in Waikiki
- ride the Duck Mobile
- go to a polo game up in Mokuleia
- Makapu'u tidepools
- go kayaking
- Contemporary Art Museum
- Hawaii State Art Museum
- Friday Art Walks down in Honolulu
- Hawaii Nature Center
- Byodo in-Temple
- hike to Makapu'u lighthouse
- hike old Pali road
- hike the Maunawili Falls trail
- hike Judd trail
- tour I'olani Palace
- catch the dolphin show at the Mandarin Oriental hotel
- visit the blowhole
- Pearl Harbor
- USS Bowfin
- USS Missouri (I've actually been on it while it was still in service but not since it was decommissioned)
- go torching on the North Shore

Not bad. The kids are on Spring Break this week and next plus I'll have with me a couple of teens from church (their mom works and she doesn't want them loafing about at home). So I think we're going to tackle a few more items on the list. Time to scope out a beach or two that we've not hit yet.

The tidepools will happen in a few weeks - Princess Trouble's class will be going on a field trip. And I need to add to the list:

- Pacific Air Museum
- snorkel Haunama Bay at NIGHT
- skydive

I'm sure there is more. That's all my brain can come up with at the moment. So now it's time to decide what to do this week and next!


- hfs


Michelle said...

I didn't know you could snorkel Haunama Bay at NIGHT--I thought they closed at 6pm or something

Pogue said...

Uhhh... Isn't night large toothed fish feeding time?

Homefront Six said...

One night a week they open the park up from 6pm to 10pm for night snorkeling. I'm not sure what night of the week it is though.

Pogue ~ any time of the day around here is large-toothed fish feeding time. The fish in the bay tend to be too small (and it's too shallow) to bother with.


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