Monday madness

It's 9am here and I've been up for 3+ hours and I'm already knee-deep in my "TO DO" list (I put that in all caps because it's currently yelling at me). I got a burst of motivational energy this weekend and I'm riding it for all it's worth.

Laundry is almost done at our house - something that rarely happens. In addition, it's almost all put away (something that VERY rarely happens at our house).

I just wrapped up our taxes for 2008 (I know, I waited a long time given the fact that we are getting a refund) and I'm pleasantly surprised that our return is more than I expected (yay for deductible child care expenses!). Now it's time to adjust our withholdings for 2009 - there will be no interest-free loan to Uncle Sam from this house!

I am heading out in a few minutes to make a bunch of returns. Little Man's birthday party was this past weekend (pictures to be posted on their blog soon) and I bought too much in the way of decorations. Actually, it's not that I bought too much, it's that I didn't have time to get it all up! So I get to take some of it back.

I also need to hit Target (WOOHOO!!!! TARGET IS OPEN!!!) and return a tank top I bought. It's cute but it just doesn't fit me right.

Recycling is next - should be a good $20 worth of glass, plastic, and aluminum. Given the fact that the first half of the month is usually tight, this is a good thing!

I have some phone calls to make for the FRG - we're trying to get someone from the SpaceA/MAC flights department to come and give a brief. I know I plan to try to use SpaceA to get back to the mainland at least once during the next deployment. I also need to wrap up the Commander's gift - we have a Change of Command coming up in a few weeks so it's time to say thank you to MacGyver's current commander. Need some Hawaiian print wrapping paper.

And then it's on to the phone calls for doctor's appointments - me, the kids, follow-up on Little Man's tonsils (so far, we are 6 weeks post-op and NO STREP!! Knocking on wood!), etc.

At home, there are several little projects/things that need my attention - might as well take advantage of this burst of energy and get them tackled. Whee!!

So, what do you all have on your plates this week?


- hfs


Michelle said...

on my plate this week...
feed baby
feed baby
feed bigger girls
feed baby
feed baby

:) We get to go a whole week before our next weigh in!!!

Beth the Great said...

-hope we get orders
-get a new ID card
-pick up medical records from my dentist/eye doc
-make one final appt to be seen here
-Noah's birthday
-close bank account that I no longer need
-drop off a ton of stuff at the Airman's Attic

I think that's it. We are also cat-sitting for a friend. (Well, John and Noah are cat sitting, I'm just sitting.)

Oh yeah, I also have to do laundry. I went out to buy detergent because I ran out last night, and when I got home I realized I bought the wrong bottle so I now have a crapton of fabric softener. :( lovely.

Leigh said...

We're doing standardized testing this week. My days consist of reading the bold print and reminding my children to fill in the circle completely with their No. 2 pencil. Fun stuff.

AFSister said...

I can tell you what I'm NOT doing... and that's TALKING. I've been sick for almost a month now, and completely lost my voice today. It was nearly gone yesterday. Today- nothing but a whisper. I guess it's a good thing the boys are with their Dad this week, eh?

I have cleaning to do, and of course laundry, but no out of town trips this week. That'll come in two weeks.

Homefront Six said...

AFS ~ Oh crap, that sucks. We dealt with that same cold here for two solid months. I couldn't shake it to save my life. I'd say right now I'm probably 95% but it's *still* lingering. I hope you feel better soon!!

Leigh ~ better you than me! Oh, wait...never mind. I do that too - just not with my own kids. Yet.

BtG ~ lalalalalalalala!!! I Can't Hear You!!! Denial is a *wonderful* place!

Michelle ~ a whole week?!? Sweet! Grow baby grow!

liberal army wife said...

read your post, and drop from fatigue! lets see... this week, do the 6 loads of cat bedding I brought home from the shelter, write a bunch for a bunch of different blogs, get the taxes together for the accountant (I am math/tax challenged, and 2 different states, a house in one, a rental in the other....aarrgghhh) contact my legislators about the MSRRA, clean house, bake for the FRG, organize the new case room at work, get the winter clothes/summer clothes switched... so far I think thats it.



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