SpouseBuzz Organizational Challenge

Most of you know I write over at SpouseBuzz (well, sometimes...sometimes Andi has to kick me in the pants to post something). Andi started an organizational challenge that I missed the boat on for January but managed to get into by the skin of my teeth for February.

The timing of this challenge was wonderful - normally we would have PCSd from this place a year ago and would have already done the PCS clean out/organization. But, because we extended here, there was no PCS to force me to "decrap" (as my friend Apes would say) my house so SpouseBuzz's timing was perfect!

Here are the results of the February challenge:

Counter top organization

Medicine box - no more expired meds.

The medicine cabinet. Not a lot of medicine in there.

Under the cabinet. Cleaning supplies are downstairs.

Linens on the bottom.

Everyday stuff/first aid supplies in the middle.

Extras and candles up top.

The 2009 challenge is a great way to systematically work your way through your house, getting things organized. January had us organizing our Christmas supplies. I took the pictures, I just never managed to get the pictures to Andi. If you want to participate (there are PRIZES!!!), go HERE to read how. It's not too late!

I dare you!

And if you do take on the challenge, make a comment and let everyone know.


DL Sly said...

Ok, Im convinced. You're hired. I'll expect you next week to go through and *decrap* the three U-Haul trucks worth of stuff that have planted themselves in my garage, living room, bathroom, bedrooms,.........
I've got In 'N Out, Little Girl. (Just don't tell SFW)

Laura said...

Hey Homefront Six, I 've just read your 'starting a blog advice' and have just added you as the first blog on mu blog roll as a thank you for your help. I recently started my blog about being the girlfriend of a man in the British army out of a need to vent and it's great to read other army wife/gf/partner blogs, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be many British ones about, but at the end of the day, I'd say many of our experiences can be shared across the pond. Thanks again, Rachel.

liza-supporter said...

I'm not sure if I saw some Victori secret lotion inside the medicine cab. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed looking at the pic and how well they have been organized.. great start!


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