That'll teach me

UPDATE: So, here I am...4 days later and I'm STILL dealing with this stinking cold. But it's getting better. Slowly. Ugh. Darned viruses. This place is a vector.

Sarah, I hope the Mucinex worked better for you than it did for me. It about KILLED me!

Somewhere around New Year's (or was it Christmas? I forget.) I caught a cold. And, as usual, it went right for my voice. And then it cleared up. But the cough lingered.

Nothing major - just an annoying tickle of a cough that liked to rear it's ugly little head about 7pm each night. Made it difficult to sleep but nothing major. And I'd shake it and then a few days later it would come back.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

So I finally - after being harassed by my husband and a few friends - went to the doctor this week. He didn't see or hear anything alarming but sent me for a chest x-ray, just to be safe. Chest x-ray came back negative so he put me on Mucinex D (the one with the REAL pseudophedrine in it that I had to sign for. Thanks so much to the meth freaks of the world for making ME work harder to get my meds.) and benzonatate (a cough suppressant).

So I dutifully went home and started taking my meds immediately. By 5pm, my cough had become worse, and I was losing my voice.


Sleep was quite elusive that evening, given that I was coughing and hacking all night long (not to mention the fact that 120mg of pseudophedrine at 8pm tends to keep a person UP...who knew?). Thursday was U.G.L.Y. Lots more of the same, only this time I had a 5 year old to keep me company. Thank goodness for video games and the fact that he really likes "doing homework" like his big sister - I was able to keep him entertained while trying not to DIE on the couch.

MacGyver was able to take the kids to school Friday morning and, surprisingly, I did not get called to sub (figured they would since I was on my death bed) so I literally slept all day (thank GOD for NyQuil!!!). Laid low all day yesterday and drugged myelf to high Heaven last night (decided to go buy Mucinex WITHOUT the meth...that stuff WORKS. 1200mg of Guaifenesin...no messing around there!) and today seems to be better.

Thank goodness. But let me tell you, I will think twice about going to the doctor next time. I was feeling just fine until then!! Ugh.


- hfs


Sarah said...

This made me snicker because I too have taken guaifenesin recently, though for its other use.

Hope you're feeling better...

Homefront Six said...

LOL Sarah ~ I thought of you when they prescribed it (I knew of it's other use).

BillT said...

You're sure you didn't get a tonsil transplant recently, right?


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