2009 MBC Panel 4

Panel 4 - New Media Agora

Andrew Exum of Abu Magawama
Bill Nagle of Small Wars Journal
Bill Roggio of The Long War Journal

Greyhawk is moderating.

I swear, Greyhawk looks like Hugh Laurie from "House".

Bill - Started writing in early 2004 just to talk to friends and family and address their questions. Decided to put things in one place. Eason Jordan's statement that the US military was intentionally targeting journalists really enraged him and they started hammering at him for that and refuting his statements. Been to Iraq 4 times and Afghanistan once.

Andrew - been to Afghanistan during Operation Anaconda, Iraq in 2003, Afghanistan 2004. Ended up getting out of the Army. Started blogging on counterinsurgency in between his Master's degree and his PhD. Worked on the CENTCOM security team. He's discussing the top-down innovation as well as the bottom up innovation. We've been able to see both during these wars.

BN - discussing the inception of SWJ in 2005.

Question: Insight?

BR - haven't really seen someone step up and see someone be the leader in Afghanistan. Not seeing a lot of clarity WRT strategy. Hope isn't a strategy. Detects a lot of hesitance from people stepping out to take a stand WRT Afghanistan.

AE - the questions that may be out there seem to pertain to operational strategies. The rural nature of Afghanistan makes it harder than Iraq. The Pakistan issue is a biggie and isn't working. 2009 is no longer 2003. Pakistan is much, much worse than we care to admit.

BR - Afghanistan is the sideshow. Pakistan is the true story here. If Pak falls, how are we going to get supplies in, among other questions?

BN - Agrees that Afg and Pak are hopelessly intertwined.

AE - check out testimonies Dave Barno and ??? @ Congress

Question: Piracy - any thoughts?

BN - International Maritime Bureau publishes a piracy report - available to anyone. Best practices and advice about piracy.

And that's about as far as I got before my brain gave out.

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Sarah said...

I thought that panel was super-interesting and really important, but I needed teh husband to translate a lot of it. He reads Exum to supplement for his upcoming deployment. He runs in totally different blog circles than I do, so that was kinda neat that our blog worlds converged for a moment.


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