Cleared to fly!

MacGyver was still having some pretty significant pain in his shoulder, which was worriesome given the fact that he was 6 months post-op. So back to the orthopaedic surgeon he went. Now, I know just enough anatomy and physiology to be dangerous so my train of thought led to an impingement of some kind. Thankfully, the pain he was having was not impingement pain but tendonitis of the biceps muscle. Probably due to a variety of things - the surgery itself, the muscles of the rotator cuff not working at full capacity, overuse due to compensation and lots of physical therapy.

But easy to fix. Just insert a 12 gauge needle into the shoulder and pump it full of steroids and all should be well. Yes, MacGyver is now a "roid freak". Heh. Doc said it should take 5-7 days for the full effect of the steroid to kick in and it has. He saw the Flight Surgeon today and all is well. He's cleared to fly again and life is good.


I was a little worried there for a bit. But this puts life back on track which is a good thing. Many of my friends find it odd that I was worried he wouldn't deploy but we have plans and his deployment is a BIG part of those plans. He seemed relieved and excited when I talked to him this morning. Hopefully now all of the aircraft will remain functional and he'll be able to get back into the cockpit. I can't wait for him to come home smelling like helicopter again! I love that smell.


Easter was awesome. Truly. I love our church. There is a big park across the street from it and each Easter, they literally take the church out to the park - stage, musical equipment, sound board, chairs, tables...everything. So we were up at 5am to help get it all set up. Sunrise was beautiful and the weather held which was a HUGE blessing.

The service itself was great - it is so good to see so many friends all in one place on such a glorious day. Then we do lunch and games for the kids afterward.

Some of my Kids (the youth from church that I work with; note the capital "K") had asked if we could do something after Easter service - they didn't want to just go home for the rest of the day. MacGyver got the idea to do a Wii party so he set up 3 projectors in the sanctuary at church (after clearing the chairs out of the center) and had 3 Wii consoles going at the same time. The kids loved it. Some of the other kids played "Dutch Blitz" with life-sized cards which is always a blast. We also played a few rounds of "Take Two" (a Scrabble-like game). We threw dinner in there too and it made for a wonderful evening of fun, food, and friends. By 6pm, my kids were done like a Thanksgiving turkey and it was time to go home.

At some point during the day, Princess Trouble lost one of her front upper teeth. She's already lost the two front lower ones but this was her first upper - a big deal. She now has a very cute gap-toothed smile. It's adorable and I'll get pictures up on their blog soon.


So life continues on. And it is good. How goes it with you?


- hfs


Shawna said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter! Zianne is about to lose some teeth (FINALLY!) also! She's got her two front ones wiggly and two bottom ones. Sheesh! All at one time I guess-just like she got them!

Pogue said...

You're probably way ahead of my, but maybe some sort of 'breaking the bonds of earth' celebration is in order for MacGyver. A big deal, and the lack of an upcheck from the flight surgeon can work on you. For my part he gets a big 'Woo-Hoo!'.

Homefront Six said...

Shawna ~ This is is only her 3rd tooth that she's lost. The dentist told us she'd be 7 before she started to lose them. She's got 2 others that are loose now so I suspect she'll be losing them pretty regularly now.

Pogue ~ I don't know how much of a celebration is in order at the moment. There are several aircraft in for mods, a few more in phase, and a TON of missions backed up. In addition to the crew dogs being over-tasked. So I don't know how much flight time he's actually going to see for now...

And the docs had told him it would be about 6 months before he was up and flying again. So he's *technically* still within normal limits...

But I do plan to celebrate with him when he does actually fly again! If nothing else, I will buy him a beer :)

Michelle said...

I so miss Easter at PIBC!!!

Anonymous said...

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