I <3 Code Monkey!

If you'll notice, the ribbon on the left no longer interferes with the main body text. That is all thanks to Code Monkey. My pixels have been tweaked and we are good to go (that sounds funny!). I am still messing with it and may try to convert the current 2-column layout I have into a 3-column layout (what I really would like) over the weekend. We'll see.

But I'm keeping the ribbon.

I like it.


- hfs


Code Monkey said...

You're welcome! Give a yell if you want to bounce ideas off someone when you're working on the third column.

Homefront Six said...

I most definitely will. I've already tried the suggestions on the background site to no avail. Time to start messing with some .html it seems!

Heh. Guess this means I'm going to tweak my own pixels.

DL Sly said...

"Heh. Guess this means I'm going to tweak my own pixels."

*sitting on hands, biting tongue, doing whatever it takes to keep this a 'family' blog*
Oh, that's gonna come back to haunt you.

liberal army wife said...

You tweaked your pixels. hm. that just sounds - a little kinky. Course, deployment can make everything sound a little - kinky!



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