In D.C.

The MilBlog conference (henceforth known as MBC) is taking place in D.C. this weekend so here I am. I'll be doing my best to cover the event (not quite "liveblogging" but close) on Saturday. I'd cover the stuff on Friday but if you *really* want to know what's going on on Friday, you should have come.

I was able to spend some time with my brother and his family which was great. I don't get to see nearly enough of them so this was a treat. I want to steal my niece and nephew and take them back to Hawaii with me. I have a feeling they would get along famously with my kids. There is discussion about them coming for Christmas - we'll see. My fingers are crossed.

Tonight was "girls' night in" with some friends and tomorrow I'm meeting up with another friend who used to live in Hawaii but now lives out this way. I can't wait to meet their latest addition to their family! Then the festivities start and things should get interesting.

I'm curious to see which of the usual suspects" will be in town for this one and who will be absent. The MBC 2 years ago was, by far, my favorite and I have a feeling there will never be one like it again. So many people I met at that one that have since become friends - it was a great weekend. However, I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones this time around and who knows? This MBC may turn out even better than the one two years ago.

I love D.C. LOVE IT. I wish I had at least a week to spend just exploring. With my family. I think it would be a blast to take a good 7 days to see as much as possible of D.C. proper. And then maybe another week to explore outside of DC - Arlington, Mount Vernon, etc. I came in 1989 with my high school group and we had a week and didn't come close to seeing all that I wanted to see. One of these days we will set aside a good 2 weeks to hang with my brother and his family and explore D.C. properly.


MacGyver *should* have flown today (his first flight since before his surgery last year) but mechanical issues and weather prevented that from happening. I'm bummed for him but kind of happy - maybe I'll be back before he flies and then we can celebrate.


I should be sleeping but I'm all sorts of discombobulated. I'm also worried about my Grama. She's 96-ish and has congestive heart failure. She's been decompensating (getting worse) for a few months and things are kind of tenuous right now. It's hard to balance the meds needed to help rid her body of the fluids brought on by the CHF without bottoming out her blood pressure. Her breathing is getting erratic and her oxygen saturation levels are dropping. Not a good combination. On top of losing my dad only 6 months ago, I worry about my mom. That's a lot to handle in less than a year. So if you all could say a prayer that Grama might rally, that would be great.


And now I think I should hit the sack. Busy, busy day tomorrow!


- hfs

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Army Wife said...

I am depending on your live blogging since I cannot be there...


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