'I'm so sorry...'

Cass has a great post up regarding one of the panels at the MilBlog conference and the discussion surrounding sympathy versus pity. She sums up my feelings better than I could.

I've written about this topic before - the well-meaning but completely uncomfortable question (asked in the tone of voice that implies that someone died) and how insane it drives me. Cass is much more eloquent with it all.

What can I say, tact isn't my strong point...


- hfs

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liberal army wife said...

Oh that OOOOOOZY tone, the one most people use at the funeral home. I detest it. do NOT pity me. you can sympathize if you must, but saying thank you, or something to the effect of "you ok\?" I can handle. the" I don't know how you do it" usually gets the response of - I just do.

We are NOT victims. We are proud military spouses, we don't all think alike, look alike, act alike! but we know what we do, we know that we are strong enough to handle it, and smart enough to know when to ask for help before we drown.



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