Five in a Row

First, thank you for all of the suggestions and information on homeschooling curriculum! Keep it coming, please! I have a copy of "woo Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum" and I am definitely getting a feel for where I think we'll head.

Sheri ~ I got your last comment regarding ToG. I'll be getting back to you via email soon.

One resource I did find that I think we're going to do this summer is "Five in a Row". Any of you have experience with it? For those that don't know what it is, it's a unit-study curriculum that centers around children's literature (something that is severely lacking in public school curriculum). You read (out loud) the same story each day for a week and each day, the lesson focuses on a different subject as it pertains to the story: social studies, language arts, math, science, and art. You pick from several different activities within the subject to complete the lesson for the day.

We had already planned to hit the library once a week so now we'll just be adding 1 extra book per week to the pile. The kids are already excited about it and I haven't even bought the lesson book yet! So we might get started earlier than summer if it comes soon enough.

Princess Trouble (aka Lucy...long story behind the new nick name...think "I Love Lucy") has already started making her case as to why she wants to be homeschooled. She's pretty articulate too - she has 3 main points and has already started to come up with supporting evidence to back them up. She's quite impressive.

Little Man (aka "Ricky"...for the same reason as "Lucy", above) will just be happy if he doesn't have to leave the house. I'm not sure how happy he'll be to know that the video games will be off limits until all schoolwork is done.

I often wondered why I had even bothered going to college. I taught for a few years but, after having children, felt little desire to really go back to the classroom. So, why then, did I bother to spent 7 (yes, SEVEN...don't judge) years in college and rack up wonderful piles of student loans? I wasn't sure.

Now, I know.


- hfs


Michelle said...

Hiya--let me know what you think of FIAR--I have heard some great things about it. So are you just homeschooling this summer to see what you think or is this gonna be the beginning of something??

Leigh said...

I think unit studies are a great way to spend the summer!

Incidentally, I feel the exact same way about my college education (in engineering, not even education). But it's been a perfect background for organizing and prioritizing and running this life!

I'd love to hear Lucy's arguments. Please share!


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