A crush

I have a crush. One that has taken a while to really hit me but it has. They say that confession is good for the soul so here goes...I am in love with The Pioneer Woman.

There. I said it. *whew* I feel better now.

I first learned of her several years back and would visit her site occasionally. But nothing serious.

But then...she cooked. It was the monkey bread that did it for me. It hooked me. Tomorrow night it will be the Black Bean Chowder with Yogurt Cilantro Relish for our date and I am *so* looking forward to it. I might even dress up for the occasion.

She's about as good with a camera as she is in the kitchen and a great blogger to boot. What more could you ask for? Oh, and she homeschools.

I am in love.


- hfs


Valerie Moore said...

Me too. Should we form a support group or something?

Homefront Six said...

Yes! Can we have T shirts?? The Monkey Bread is in the oven and the beans are soaking for the chowder tonight. YUM!

Leigh said...

Thanks for feeding my blog addiction. :)

Kat said...

My whole family loves The Pioneer Woman.

Kelipso said...

Haha I tell Lea all the time that I have a girl-crush on PW and she thinks its SO weird! She clearly doesn't get it, man. PW is the bomb-diggity haha

Recipe Lady said...

Couldn't agree more. The pioneer woman is just amazing.


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