Goodbye 36

Today, I am 37 years old. And I can't say I've been happier to see a year of my life end than I am today. For all intents and purposes, 36 SUCKED. Yes, there were some wonderful days in there but overall, I got beat up by my 36th year.

So I say, "Farewell 36. Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

And as a parting gift, (and I'm sure this is over-sharing but I don't care) it left me a nice big zit on my chin yesterday.



- hfs


Code Monkey said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, HF6.

I guess the zit just above my upper lip was in sympathy for the zit on your chin...

Better days ahead, babe.


Pogue said...

I'm sorry, but the zit thing made me snorfle... Happy Birthday and may you have a great 37th year and beyond.

orlane said...

Happy Birthday....May your 37th year make up for your 36th

MMC said...

Happy Birthday.
Here's to a much better year!


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