A new week

In church on Sunday, our Pastor announced that there was going to be Vacation Bible School at a nearby church this week. And that the hours were from 8am to 4pm...every day! I about turned backflips in the sanctuary! My kids had been bugging me to find a VBS for them and not only was there one but an all day one at that! So I have the week essentially to myself. My kids were excited to go this morning - there are a lot of the youth from our church working there so it was a familiar setting to them. And we have such awesome youth at our church so this is going to be a great week for them.

I spent the first part of today having brunch with some wonderful friends whose love and friendship have really helped pull me through the past month of my life. Without them, I don't know where I'd be (and that goes for my friends and family on the mainland as well). There is still no news and I am doing my best to wait patiently. Those of you that know me know how big of a challenge this is for me.

The second half of the day was spent tidying up the house. The idea that this house will remain tidy until I pick the children up in a bit (or until MacGyver comes home - whichever happens first) fascinates me. Tomorrow I plan to tackle their room and weed out some serious clutter. We'll be having a yard sale in a few weeks - time to start building up that inventory.

I've been looking for the upside of the situation that has upended my life and one of the ones I've come up with is the decided lightening of our proverbial load. We have too much STUFF. Too much material goods, too much debt, too much STUFF. We are now downsizing, largely out of necessity but I think the timing - in this respect - was perfect (God's timing always is). This has all caused us to re-evaluate many things in our lives - individually, as a couple, and as a family. My prayer is that our lives will return to something that resembles the "normal" that it was prior to all of this happening but, in this respect, I hope the perspectives we've gained over the past 4 weeks stay with us.


- hfs

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