Finding myself again

I think I turned a corner this past weekend. I think I found myself again.

The past 2 months have been the most difficult of my life. And I do not say that lightly. There were days where I literally felt as though I were in a hole that was filling up with water and drowning me. And I was lost.

Don't get me wrong - I know that there are plenty of other people facing much more difficult circumstances. And, relatively speaking, my life is good. My children are alive and healthy as is MacGyver. We have a roof over our heads and food on the table. And that should - God willing - continue tomorrow. And I am grateful.

But the past 2 months have been tough. And it's not over.

I don't know that I've ever lost myself before. Even during the toughest times in my life, I've never truly felt lost. Knocked down? Yes. But not lost. This time, I was lost. And it's entirely possible that, as this whole mess plays out, I may find myself lost yet again. But for now, I seem to have "found" myself again. And it's nice. I missed me.


- hfs


The Helicopter War

Popular Mechanics has a great article highlighting how helicopters - Chinooks in particular - are giving U.S. and Afghan forces the edge in Afghanistan.

A good read.

(h/t Matt at Blackfive)


- hfs


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