The Helicopter War

Popular Mechanics has a great article highlighting how helicopters - Chinooks in particular - are giving U.S. and Afghan forces the edge in Afghanistan.

A good read.

(h/t Matt at Blackfive)


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Soldiers Angels said...

There's a great tie-in to that story: http://soldiersangelsgermany.blogspot.com/2009/07/interested-in-helping-platoon-in.html

Anonymous said...

It STILL won't be won. The Russians didn't win, nor the British. Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires. What a waste! Fools never learned from Vietnam-another waste. Seems that every 20-40 years, our gov't is compelled to cull the kid (and older folk) population with stupid wars that only line the pockets of a few. WHEN WILL THE PEOPLE WAKE UP??!!


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