I'm not tired...

...but if I lie down, I'll go to sleep. Eventually. Maybe.

I tried explaining this to a friend of mine the other day and it came out all retarded and circular - like the Philosophy: Intro to Logic class I took my first frehsman year in college (yes, I said 'first'...there were two. Don't judge.).

Until recently, I said I had been having trouble sleeping. Insomnia, if you will. Which, given the circumstances of my life lately, is understandable. But that's not it. I do not have insomnia. I am a night owl. Ten o'clock at night is not my normal time to sleep. One a.m. is. Or two a.m. And, left to my own devices, I would be quite happy to sleep until about 9:30a.m. Unfortunately it is rare that I am ever left to my own devices, especially now that it's soccer season. So tend to run on about 5 hours of sleep per night.

Not ideal. But I make do. Thank goodness for caffeine and Starbucks. And Coke. And I get through the day pretty well. I hit a wall about 3p.m. but I power through and, by 9p.m. I've hit my stride which is about the time the rest of my family is either down for the count or headed there. And, while I'm sure I could sleep, I'd prefer not to - there are so many other things I'd rather do: read, cook, mess around with Photoshop, try to clean up my black hole of a desk, lose an hour of my life to Facebook. So I don't go to bed. I'm sure I should - I know I'm constantly operating on a sleep deficit.

But getting TO sleep is an ordeal for me. My brain doesn't ever really stop and it usually takes effort to fall asleep. But if I lie there long enough, I'll usually fall asleep. Eventually. The thing is that, if it's going to take effort to get to sleep, I'd rather spend that energy elsewhere. So I don't lie down until I'm good and ready to sack out. Which is usually about 1a.m.

I have no idea if that made any more sense as compared the explanation I tried to give my friend the other day. It's late. What can I say?

So now I'm of to go practice my limbo skills. My life seems to be limbo-themed so I figure I should brush up on my skillz. It's not like I need to sleep or anything, right?


- hfs


Annie said...

You just described perfectly my opinion of sleep.

Homefront Six said...

Well, either I did a better job of it this time or you just understand how I think better than the person I was trying to explain it to earlier.

Michelle said...

I totally understand this! Though, I am not really sure that bodes well for your sanity. ;)

mindi said...

I am so with you on this one. As a matter of fact, I'm giving up and heading to bed now!!

Anonymous said...

I'm like this as well. I'm just not tired, so I don't sleep. Except about five minutes after I hit the pillow I'm out. Good luck with surviving on five hours :).


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