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I'm not normally one to beg openly on my blog but this one hits close to home. Friends of mine - a Navy family - just welcomed their third son here on the island on Monday. Unfortunately, he has a heart defect that requires immediate open heart surgery so he will be LifeFlighted to Rady Children's Hospital Heart Institute on Saturday. They will be leaving their two other sons and their nephew, whom they have guardianship of, here on the island with their grandfather (who flew in on short notice to help care for them). This is probably a temporary set up as the doctors have said that recovery will take about 6 weeks which is an awfully long time to be away from your children so the hope is that their other kids can join them at some point.

Because this is all happening so quickly, details regarding expenses and logistics are sketchy. There are sure to be expenses that the Navy will not cover. Currently, the Fisher House and Ronald McDonald house are full. So other lodging will be necessary to secure. Lex says that the Navy should have it all covered (which is a HUGE blessing) but there are always expenses that pop up outside of what is covered.

To help offset whatever expenses do occur, the Hawaii Military Wives' support group has established ways to help the Popp family:

-Donate good ol' greens via paypal (USE: Curtis_Popp@hotmail.com)
... just remember even a little makes a difference!

-Donate Gift Cards/Cash! ... Check your stash, or purchase new ones.

... Prayer is PRICELESS!!

Keep baby Christian and his entire family in your hearts and prayers, ask your friends, family, and church contacts to also pray.

Thanks so much!


- hfs

(I edited this post to correct the name of the hospital, the departure date, and the number of children they have, in addition to providing more detail. And because I forgot to give my friend, Lea (with an 'e'!) credit for the original blog post - h/t FairlyStraightForward. Because it's the POLITE thing to do.)

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liberal army wife said...

Lia, I'm sorry, I got the word on this on your Facebook post, I didn't come here to see it. I didn't realize that I needed to do a H/T to an FB posting. My apologies.


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