I am regressing. Or so it seems. I'm heading back to college, contemplating some kind of a part time job...did someone hit the rewind button on my life because I swear, the last time I was in this position, I was about 10 years younger. Maybe I can find a frat party to go hit up. Heh.

Have any of you checked out the My Career Advancement Account? Basically it's money to help spouses get into high demand, high growth Portable Career fields. Six grand. $6K. $6,000. That's a hefty chunk of change. And I didn't have to write an essay when I applied for it! It will cover the cost of the pre-requisite classes I will need to get into a BSN program. Works for me. Should all of this eventually prove to be unnecessary (please, God) then we are not out any money. However, I think that, even if things do work out for us in terms of MacGyver's career, I will continue to pursue my BSN. It seems to be the path I am being led down so I will continue to follow it.

Currently, I am enrolled in Anatomy and Physiology. I'm wait-listed for Microbiology so we'll see if I can get into that. If not, I may try to wiggle my way into a Calculus class, just for fun. That side of my brain needs some exercise. Classes start in January and I'm having a tough time wrapping my brain around the fact that I will be a college student yet again. Never thought I'd find myself here. Again. Odd.

Our church went on a bit of a hike last weekend - we hiked up the East Range on to Waikane Trail. You can check out information on the trail over at Kaleo Lancaster's place. It had been raining for a good few days before we hit the trail so the mud was thick enough to suck your shoes off your feet. And I don't know that I believe Kaleo when he says that Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club had been through there recently to clear it out. It was incredibly overgrown in parts. It was a challenging hike - about 4 miles each way with some seriously steep ascents in both directions - but I loved every minute of it. Maybe not the minute where one of our group took a header down a 60' embankment, stopped only by smacking, face-first, into a tree. But I loved every other minute. I do need new hiking shoes though.

Our brigade suffered it's first loss last week. Pilots Earl Scott and Matt Heffelfinger (2/6 Cav) were killed when their OH-58D Kiowa Warrior crashed in Iraq. Our brigade is only 2 months into this deployment so to lose two so early hits hard. Last week was tough for many people here. Thankfully, the aviation community here is strong and supportive.

Just bleh. What do college students even wear these days? Does it matter?


- hfs


Leigh said...

I wish I was going back to school next semester...

I think Calculus is fun, too.

DL Sly said...

Think of it as the universe giving you a *reset* button. Not to be confused with HRC's Russian reset button -- for which you might have to have AFW translate for you.

Clare Macnaughton said...

Good luck at school. You are really brave getting down with the kids again but I reckon you can do it. Wear what you want - sod 'em!

I am the wife of a UK Chinook pilot.

I long for my own place! I am so pleased I have found your blog.

Wendy said...

They wear jeans and t-shirts. Same as always. Unless they are that girl with the malibu barbi tan and the platinum hair that I don't think you can come by naturally in TN in the fall...then you wear whatever is at least 2 sizes too small for you and comes in hot pink. I'd stick with the jeans and t-shirt personally. Oh wait, I do!

Barb said...

Waiting sucks, but you knew that. The Hubster is back in school - and the classes are aimed at working finance types. But he says they all still seem young to him, and way inexperienced ;-)

Homefront Six said...

They ARE inexperienced. And naieve. In many ways, I am glad I am past that stage but a small part of me longs to be back there again.

http://claremacnaughton.wordpress.com said...

I know what you mean. I wish I had the knowledge I have now and the body I had then!

liberal army wife said...

I'm heading "back to school" and you know I'm older than dirt... and I'm a math moron and dreading any of that I have to do. don't ask what they were wearing way back then... actually, it WAS jeans and tshirts too... never changes.

Good luck.


Ginny said...

The very best of luck with school. I'm an RN with a BSN just retired. Nursing is hard, but it's a good, steady and fairly well-paying job. Just hang in there and take one semester at a time--and soon you'll be finished and ready to take your boards and go to work. God bless you. (o:Ginny

Crista said...

You will do GREAT in school. I have total faith in you. While it's quite an adjustment to go back after all these years, I am thriving with it and I know you will, too. A&P2 and micro are the only prereqs I have left. BSN application goes in in January. 22% acceptance rate. EEK!!!! You can do it!!!

Kristie said...

School can be hard work... but rewarding!

Homefront Six said...

Clare ~ thanks for stopping by! A British Hooker's wife? Sweet! MacGyver loves the RAF guys!

I try not to think about it much - the idea of changing the direction of my life at this point (and not really by choice) is overwhelming if I think about it too much. So I don't.

Right now, I'm just taking a few pre-req classes - nothing major. If I start to think about the big picture - the career change, the time it will take to get there, the time away from my kids, the change in our financial and living situation, I start to hyperventilate and panic. It's easier just to think about the 2 classes I'll be taking in January.

I am still itching to take the EMT courses - just seems to be an easier and faster route into the adrenaline rush. We'll see. Maybe in the fall.

Clare Macnaughton said...

Maybe Macgyver would enjoy the book that I co-wrote with a British Royal Marine Major. It's the first book about British Hookers in Afghanistan. Actually, it's the first book about any Hookers in Afghanistan. It was published in Aug. Its been well received in the UK and I would love to get it out into the USA Hooker community.