I just spent almost as much on textbooks as I did on tuition. Except that the textbooks are not covered by scholarship like the tuition is. I cannot extol the virtues of the Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts enough - it is an incredible program that was (*gasp*) EASY to use!

Now I need to start looking for scholarships and grants to cover things other than tuition...like textbooks, lab fees, etc. Thankfully I can write off the textbook costs at the end of the year but OUCH...that's going to put a dent in our budget for the month!

Classes start not this week but next week. I'm nowhere near ready, mentally.

Story of my life these days.


- hfs


Pogue said...

If you really want to make the big buck, forget about those silly drug cartels and get into the college bookstore racket. I especially like the mandatory new editions every three years to keep the used book business under control. ;-p

Homefront Six said...

It's not so much the bookSTORES as it is the book PUBLISHERS. They change a few things, slap on a new cover, and PRESTO - the old edition is now "obsolete" and worth pennies on the dollar. Gah.

And you're lucky if this only happens every three years. When I was in college the first time, one of my series of classes changed books every single year. At $80 a pop.


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