So classes start tomorrow. I'm still without a lab manual for one of my classes. I need to pick up a lab coat from the bookstore and dig up a pair of safety goggles and grab some non-latex rubber gloves from the garage (MacGyver uses them when working on the cars). And I think I need to locate a fetal pig.

Yep, you read that right. According to my syllabus, one of the required items for my Anatomy lab is a fetal pig. Not sure where I'm going to track that down...maybe one of the Korean markets in town? This should be interesting. The other item on the list that made me chuckle was chicken. Of the raw variety. Whole, I believe. Cool.

Wonder if my instructor would let me off the hook if I told her I had already completed Gross Anatomy in which we used real live (well, dead) cadavers? Hands down, one of my favorite college courses. How many people can say they've held not only a human heart in their hands but a human brain? It was an amazing course.

I downloaded the syllabus for one of my classes and was reading through it and had to laugh. The instructor explained that, in the assignments, spelling counts as part of the grade with a 0.5 point deduction for misspelled words. Yet I counted no less than 13 spelling errors in a four page syllabus. I wonder...if I were to point them out to the instructor, would I get to ADD those points to my grade? I love hypocrisy in all forms.

This is going to be either very fun or very frustrating. We'll see how the first week goes. All of my lectures are on line. All of my labs are in person.


In other news, I've registered for the 5th Annual Milblogging Conference, set to be held in Washington, D.C. April 9-10. I'm not sure if I'm going but the registration is transferrable. Therefore if I am unable to attend, I can at least either give or sell my registration to someone else. I'm just not sure that my schedule will permit my attendance, nor am I sure what will be going on in my life at that point (are any of us truly sure what will be going on in their lives 3 months from now? I doubt it seriously.)

I truly want to go. And cost isn't really an issue because of some wonderful friends. But I just don't know that it will be physically possible. So we'll see.

I love D.C. I wish I had 2 weeks to devote to touring the city properly. And I wish I could take my kids. They are *just* getting old enough to where they'd enjoy it and actually grasp some of it. We could go spend some quality time with my brother and his family who live out that way too which would be a bonus. One of these days...


Sitting out at Sunday School this morning, we were passed over by a Chinook out flying some traffic patterns. Seems the National Guard guys had some flights to get in. The sound was both music to my ears and painful at the same time. I miss our guys. Not as much as their families miss them but I miss them, nonetheless. I miss my husband flying. I miss hearing our bids up, getting a grin on my face while saying a prayer that MacGyver stays safe while he's out flying.

The skies are too quiet here now. Be safe, boys.


- hfs


Anonymous said...

So glad you're at least registered!!

Let me know what I can do to support, etc.


Homefront Six said...

I could use either a Magic Wand or a Crystal Ball. Those would definitely be supportive in nature.

Pogue said...

Just enjoy yourself. You'll do fine.

Crista said...

You can do it!! I start back next week.

Homefront Six said...

Crista ~ Whatcha taking?

Pogue ~ For some reason, all of your comments wind up in my Spam folder. No one else's does. I don't get it. Good to hear from you!

Crista said...

A&P2 and micro. Last of my prereqs. BSN application due 12 Feb. Ack!!! So much to do for that and the scholarships. And the immunizations are killing me!! Why didn't anybody tell me the Tdap hurts so bad?!?!

Leigh said...

I love PIBC outdoor Sunday School!!!

Homefront Six said...

Crista ~ I'm taking A&P and Micro too!

Crista said...

We can commiserate!! (sp?) YAY!! lol

Valerie Ruth said...

In high school, my dad had a class he needed to take in DC. It was four weeks at the very beginning of the school year, but instead of worrying about it, my parents loaded us in the suburban and drove us to DC. I spent the first four weeks of my junior year of high school in DC doing museums, tours, sights, you name it and we didn't even "finish" DC. I don't even think I missed much from school, at least not in comparison to what I learned there and remember even today. Yeay for DC!

Michelle said...

Hiya--The girls and I will be in Nebraska during that time--so we won't be able to come up to meet you at the zoo this year :) Dan is redoing my kitchen at that time and said it would be easier for him if the girls and I went to visit Grandparents :)


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