Update on Team Rubicon and Haiti

Mark Hayward - a Team Rubicon member - has an incredible post up, articulating exactly why this "motley band of volunteers" is just so incredible. Go check it out and, if you can, feel free to support their efforts HERE.

Here's an excerpt from Mark's Day 5 "Proof of Concept" post:

And today, we were able to be of service to a baby girl who, God willing, will grow up with two good legs, able to run and play, dance and work, and live a life free of disability, thanks to a motley band of volunteers and the vast outpouring of support from home that makes everything possible. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say, to everyone who supports Team Rubicon financially, personally, professionally, and most importantly with your continued prayers for our safety and usefulness, THANK YOU so much. If you feel what I felt today, when I saw that baby sleeping in her mother’s arms, then you, like me, although you may have set out to be of service to others, have already received a reward that is greater still. God bless you!



- hfs

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