Week one down

The first week of classes has come and gone. In some ways, it was quite easy - been here, done this, have several t-shirts from my alma mater. Getting back into the swing of studying won't be difficult - I never really got out of the swing of things. Especially right now - I'm facilitating an Anatomy class for the homeschooling co-op I work with on occasion, so no culture shock there.

However, my college Anatomy class is going to kill me. It's going to take every ounce of self-control I have not to be *that* student - the one that knows all of the answers. Today was our first lab and we had to make bodies out of Play-Doh and then demonstrate lines of dissection (saggital, mid-saggital, parasaggital, transverse, oblique, frontal) while working in groups. That wasn't too bad - it's pretty straightforward and most everyone was able to do it.

But then we moved on to "case studies". A side-note about the professor...English is not her first language. And her accent is thick. VERY thick. So that takes some getting used to. And because English is not her first language, her syntax is different than that of a native English speaker (i.e. we say "the crazy chicken" but someone who speaks Spanish would say "el pollo loco", placing the noun ahead of the adjective). The case studies were given in plain English and our task (in groups) was to replace the plain English with proper medical terminology.

Once we were done with that, our group had to go before the class, present the case study (she was checking our pronounciation) and point out on the model each location. The pronounciations were comedic because the way our professor says things is not how they are normally said in English. For instance, "popliteal" (the artery that runs along the back of your knee) is normally pornounced "pop-li-TEEL". However, she says it "pop-LEE-tee-uhl". Our class is going to come away with quite the interesting accent on their medical terminology. Heh.

And I had forgotten how ignorant I was when I first started taking science classes. It's a 100-level course and most of my classmates are not only young but products of the public school system here so their background in science is limited at best. I made the mistake of mentioning my degree and I'm not a magnet for questions. Lovely. I'm going to learn to keep my big, fat mouth shut one of these days.


Or I'm going to turn it into a business opportunity. One of the girls sitting near me asked if I could help her should she begin to struggle in this class. I told her yes, I could. My going rate for tutoring is $20 per hour. And I do math as well.

This could be interesting.


- hfs


Pogue said...

Sounds like you'll have fun. Try not to traumatize the youngsters too much. :-)

DL Sly said...

Well, it looks like your *need* wrt next semester's books is about to be taken care of.

Oh, and what Pogue said, too.

Homefront Six said...

Sly ~ I plan to use my tutoring earnings to pay for my Starbucks habit :)

Pogue ~ I'll try. No promises though.

Anonymous said...

You crack me up. lol You'll do great!! I start Wednesday. eek And my nursing school application went in the mail today.

Crista said...

Sorry...that's Crista up there. ;)

Homefront Six said...

Crista ~ my fingers are crossed!!!


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