My son's class is learning about gravity. As part of his assessment on this unit, he was given a worksheet with the following pictures on it:

~ a helicopter in flight (you can see the rotation of the rotors and the fact that it is off the ground)

~ a cheeseburger

~ a pair of scissors

~ a bag of groceries on a stool

~ a bunch of balloons

The directions are as follows: "Circle the objects that will fall to the ground if something is not holding them up. Place an 'X' on the objects that will NOT fall to the ground."

Which ones would you circle? On which would you place an 'X'? AND WHY? Answers to follow.


- hfs


Anonymous said...

hold on a sec.

Barb said...

Well ... if the balloons are not filled with helium then all of those things will fall to the ground.
The parameter "if something is not holding them up" means the helo is off, to me. Because only when it is running is "Something holding it up" :-)
No X-es for me!

BillT said...

No X on any of 'em.

Especially not on the cheeseburger, 'cuz if it's a DFAC cheeseburger, *nothing* can hold it up.

Of course, it's kinda hard to keep one *down*, though...

Amber said...

I agree. No "X" on anything. They would all fall to the ground were something not holding them up.

What's the answer? :)


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