One reason I am glad I"m registered to vote here

Is Charles Djou of Hawaii the Sequel to Scott Brown of Massachusetts?

Good God, I hope so. I would LOVE to see this incredibly liberal nanny state rocked by a Republican win over two very well-known Democrats. That would make me smile from ear to ear.

From Djou's campaign website:

I have always made it a priority to lower taxes because reducing the tax burden allows you to keep more of your money for your family, to grow your business and to buy goods and services, which in turn fosters small business and job growth in our community. That is why I have never voted for a tax increase.

Everything that I can find about Djou and his voting record indicates that this is true. I like this guy more and more each day. Guess we'll have to see.


- hfs

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Anonymous said...

Naja, ob das alles so richtig ist..


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