More fun times! Sirens went off at 6am. Waves are due to hit at 1118am. This should be fun *note sarcasm. There are already reports of crazy people at Wal-Mart and on the road. Lovely.

We're prepared - water, food, gas, ammo. I'll keep you posted.


- hfs


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming you guys will be fine at your elevation and if you stay out of the way of the crazy people. Aren't you several hundreds of feet above sea level?

You should have seen my youngest. He was worried about you this morning as we were watching the news!

love u guys,

Starry-I'd and the peanut gallery

Crista said...

Stay safe!!!

Anonymous said...

wondered how this is affecting you; I like the "ammo" note. Following coverage on CNN/Fox.

Chuck said...

Has the PX sold out of water wings yet?


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