All pau.

Well, kind of. Midterms are done. All in all, I did pretty well. Microbiology lecture is kicking my butt and I'm not sure why. I'm going to change up my study approach and see if I can lift my next exam grade up. My other classes are going well. So that's a relief.

And now, it is Spring Break. But no trips to sun-drenched party locales are planned (hey, I already live here!). I have a "to do" list that needs my attention:

- declutter the kids' room
- scrub the kids' bathroom
- scrub the guest bathroom
- declutter my room
- declutter my office
- a few trips to the thrift store
- taxes
- homeschool prep (yep)
- detail my car
- study (yep - I'm going to try to get ahead so that, when I go to the MilBlogging conference, I don't have to take my schoolwork with me)
- a photo excursion - I'm going to go somewhere on island that I've never been before and take some pictures. Not sure where just yet but I'll post them here when I get done.
- work on Photoshop a bit
- pedicure :)
- blog - I've been neglecting this place a bit

I'm sure there's more but that's all my brain can handle right now. And now it's time for bed.

Oh, and for those that were wondering, "pau" means "done" in Hawaiian.


- hfs


So close...

Almost there...

In the meantime, I'm headed BACK to the doc tomorrow - he put me on oral Prednisone for this cough/cold that I have (with NO tapering dose...???). Not only can I not handle the dose, it seems like overkill to me. Mainly, I can't handle it (I'm such a lightweight...). And now I'm losing my voice and my glands are swollen. Time for a throat culture, an inhaler, and possibly some antibiotics. It's been THREE MONTHS and it's getting worse. Ugh.

I am for sure going to the MilBlogging Conference in April!! Thanks to a wonderful friend and her frequent flier miles, I'll be there. This is going to be good for my soul. Probably not so good for my health but that's ok.

Time for me to hit the books again. Almost done...


- hfs


Scholarships - UPDATE

Didn't get the NMFA scholarship. Phooey. But that's ok - the immediate future of my schooling (i.e. next semester) is about as up in the air as MacGyver's career. Between the suspension of the MyCAA funds (yes, I know they've reinstated the program but the future funding of the program is not solid yet and I'm not sure that they will be granting assistance in the fall...we'll see) and the fact that there are only a few classes left for me to take before I dive into a nursing program (which won't happen while we're here - the nursing programs are maxed to capacity and the wait lists are miles long), I won't have much left to do.

But I'm still disappointed. Phooey. C'est la vie, nes't pas?

Kids are on spring break this week. Midterms for me this week. Should be an interesting combination.


- hfs


Admitting defeat

Something I'm not good at.

But here I am, admitting defeat. I am sick. Not horribly so but enough that I'm willing to stay home from my responsibilities at church this evening. I HATE doing that. I should be there - not that I think the program can't run without me...I just know that I have responsibilities and should be there. But I am not feeling well and I need to head this off before it sidelines me. I can't afford to be sidelined until AFTER March 20th.

I took a 2.5 hour nap (not really a "nap"...more of a "sleep") this afternoon and that seems to have helped a bit but I'm still feeling crummy so I'm admitting defeat, brewing some tea, making some soup, and staying home.

I hate being sick. I'm no good at it. However, given the amount of stress I've been under for the past 9 months or so, this should have happened a LONG time ago. So I'm due. Yay.


- hfs


Military shipping woes

The alternative title for this post is "Yes, Alaska and Hawaii are part of the United States and yes, the post office does deliver here."

MacGyver has spent 8 of his 12 years in the Army in OCONUS (outside the continental United States) locations. One of the biggest frustrations of living OCONUS (aside from not having the stores and restaurants that we took for granted on the mainland/lower 48 available to us whenever we want) is that many companies either refuse to ship to Alaska/Hawaii or refuse to use the United States Postal Service (USPS). Instead, they insist on shipping via UPS (United Parcel Service).

Now don't get me wrong - I like UPS. Just not when it comes to shipping to Alaska/Hawaii. When shipping via UPS to Alaska or Hawaii, my options are:

1.) Pay an arm and a leg and get it in two days


2.) Pay a little less and get it in 14 days if you're lucky and there isn't a storm somewhere in the Pacific.

As an example, I had to order some items for a Children's ministry I work with at church. The organization from whom I ordered only uses UPS to ship to my location. Fabulous. I ordered 10 softcover books (no more than 60 pages each) a few small clothing items, and some patches. All of which could have fit into a large, flat-rate box from the Postal Service. I would have paid $14.50. Additionally, my items would have arrived in approximately 3 days. Instead, because this organization only ships to my location via UPS, I paid more than double that amount and it took more than twice as long to receive the items I ordered.


A few weeks ago, I wanted to order some things from a company back where I went to college. I was excited about my purchases until I arrived at the checkout and realized that shipping was going to cost me more than the purchases themselves. Because I really like this company and their merchandise, I dropped them a note via email asking whether shipping via the Postal Service was an option. No dice - "Sadly I do not have access to a postal meter, or a US mail pick up at my warehouse. I do realize that it is much cheaper especially to go to AK and HI."

So much for that idea.

It frustrates me to no end to try to order something either to be told that they don't ship at all outside the continental United States (I could understand if it were a violation of USDA policies) or that they ONLY ship via UPS. Why? Because no one in your company has access to the Post Office? Even if they charged me an additional $5 (or even $10 in some instances!) to box it up in a flat-rate box and hand it to the mail man (or woman), it STILL wouldn't be as expensive as it is to ship here via UPS. AND I'd get my stuff in 1/2 the time.

Instead - sadly - this company lost my business. I wonder how many other companies lose out on Alaska/Hawaii business simply due to their shipping policies?


- hfs


Mi vida loca

So here's my life for the next 3 weeks or so:

4MAR: Anatomy lab + quiz
Micro lab + quiz

7MAR: Run PowerPoint at church
Micro lecture group project part 3 due (1 page paper on the transmission routes,signs and symptoms, and virulence factors of the HSV-2 virus)
Anatomy lecture quiz due

9MAR: Micro lecture quiz due
Micro lecture assignment due
Micro lab + quiz

10-13MAR: Micro lecture exam due

11MAR: Anatomy lab + quiz
Micro lab + quiz

16MAR: Micro lab + quiz

18MAR: Anatomy lab midterm
Micro lab exam (took it early)

20MAR: Anatomy lecture exam (nervous system including cranial nerves plus endocrine system)

I'm pretty sure I will be mainlining caffeine by about 13MAR. Fun times! Oh, and did I add that I'm also TEACHING an anatomy class to a group of high schoolers? Next Friday, we are dissecting a cow's heart. Now if I could just get my college Anatomy professor to let me teach THAT class...

And somewhere in there, I also have to fit the "normal stuff" - laundry, cooking, cleaning, taxi service, church, yoga, dental appointments, and sign language practice. Notice that sleep was not included in that list. Oy.


- hfs


Gravity answers

A short while back (longer than I had intended - sorry...school's kicking my butt!) I posted about an assignment my son was given regarding gravity. Given a set of pictures (helicopter, cheeseburger, scissors, balloons, groceries on stool) he had to circle the objects that will fall to the ground if something is not holding them up. Place an 'X' on the objects that will NOT fall to the ground.

He failed the assignment the first time around - because he 'over-thought' the answers. Yep. He OVER-THOUGHT. At the age of 5. He answered by placing an 'X' only on the groceries because they would remain on the stool 'unless someone knocked them down'. He explained that the helicopter would either run out of JP8 (yes, he knows what JP8 is) or have a mechanical malfunction (yes, he knows what that is as well); that the cheeseburger and scissors would fall to the ground due to gravity; and that the balloons would either deflate or hit a tree that would cause them to pop.

According to his teacher (which means according to the curriculum because, had she actually been teaching rather than simply implementing curriculum, his answer would have been completely acceptable), none of the items should have received an 'X' because gravity would - in one way or another - eventually pull all of them to the earth.

But he over-thought his answer. *sigh*


There really isn't much else going on at this point. School is school. Midterms are coming up - yay. If I can live through March 20th and maintain my sanity and my GPA, life will be good.

Life is still in limbo. But that's ok - I'm getting better at 'embracing the inaction of the situation'. Heh. Seriously - every day that nothing happens is a day that we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, and health care. I can't ask for more.

It looks like I might be able to get to the MilBlogging conference which I am excited about. And my 20 year high school reunion is coming up (yes, I'm admitting that I am that old...) that I am hoping to make.

But really, life is boring and I like it.


- hfs


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