All pau.

Well, kind of. Midterms are done. All in all, I did pretty well. Microbiology lecture is kicking my butt and I'm not sure why. I'm going to change up my study approach and see if I can lift my next exam grade up. My other classes are going well. So that's a relief.

And now, it is Spring Break. But no trips to sun-drenched party locales are planned (hey, I already live here!). I have a "to do" list that needs my attention:

- declutter the kids' room
- scrub the kids' bathroom
- scrub the guest bathroom
- declutter my room
- declutter my office
- a few trips to the thrift store
- taxes
- homeschool prep (yep)
- detail my car
- study (yep - I'm going to try to get ahead so that, when I go to the MilBlogging conference, I don't have to take my schoolwork with me)
- a photo excursion - I'm going to go somewhere on island that I've never been before and take some pictures. Not sure where just yet but I'll post them here when I get done.
- work on Photoshop a bit
- pedicure :)
- blog - I've been neglecting this place a bit

I'm sure there's more but that's all my brain can handle right now. And now it's time for bed.

Oh, and for those that were wondering, "pau" means "done" in Hawaiian.


- hfs


Cannibal Panda said...

Enjoy your spring break- mine just ended, goes by way too fast. Love the new blog template! If you make one yourself, I have links to tons of brushes for photoshop if you need any (which is pretty much what this theme is made with). I may even have some left in zip format I could just send to you if you wanted.

BillT said...

You also need to make room for some more Chit-Hook pix in your album.

Your lads have been flying during the daylight ever since December -- which means things are *really* getting safe over here...

Homefront Six said...

CP ~ thanks! I wish I had time to come up with my own backgrounds. Sadly, it's rather low on my priority list. This one's just temporary - still looking for something a little more permanent (and less seasonal).

Bill ~ Glad to know they are up and flying. We've kind of been dropped out of the loop...

Crista said...

I am also on spring break and sadly studying my tail off. 3 exams follow spring break and I have a lot of work to do to prep for them.


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