Gravity answers

A short while back (longer than I had intended - sorry...school's kicking my butt!) I posted about an assignment my son was given regarding gravity. Given a set of pictures (helicopter, cheeseburger, scissors, balloons, groceries on stool) he had to circle the objects that will fall to the ground if something is not holding them up. Place an 'X' on the objects that will NOT fall to the ground.

He failed the assignment the first time around - because he 'over-thought' the answers. Yep. He OVER-THOUGHT. At the age of 5. He answered by placing an 'X' only on the groceries because they would remain on the stool 'unless someone knocked them down'. He explained that the helicopter would either run out of JP8 (yes, he knows what JP8 is) or have a mechanical malfunction (yes, he knows what that is as well); that the cheeseburger and scissors would fall to the ground due to gravity; and that the balloons would either deflate or hit a tree that would cause them to pop.

According to his teacher (which means according to the curriculum because, had she actually been teaching rather than simply implementing curriculum, his answer would have been completely acceptable), none of the items should have received an 'X' because gravity would - in one way or another - eventually pull all of them to the earth.

But he over-thought his answer. *sigh*


There really isn't much else going on at this point. School is school. Midterms are coming up - yay. If I can live through March 20th and maintain my sanity and my GPA, life will be good.

Life is still in limbo. But that's ok - I'm getting better at 'embracing the inaction of the situation'. Heh. Seriously - every day that nothing happens is a day that we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, and health care. I can't ask for more.

It looks like I might be able to get to the MilBlogging conference which I am excited about. And my 20 year high school reunion is coming up (yes, I'm admitting that I am that old...) that I am hoping to make.

But really, life is boring and I like it.


- hfs


Crista said...

boring is good sometimes. :) Two A&P exams for me this week. One was Monday and the other is today over...ready for it...SEVEN chapters. Nervous system and endocrine. blah

Anonymous said...

I hate those worksheets from school. The questions/problems are so misguided, there's no way a kid or parent can get the "correct" answer. Write the question correctly and it is fine. But they don't.

I can't count the number of times these worksheets have stumped me! I can't figure out what they want. I have a master's degree in physics, and I know what really happens, but can't figure out how to help my child put down the "correct" answers. Ugh!

It only gets worse...


Homefront Six said...

Starry I'd ~ They stump me too. The thing that kills me is that common sense would tell you that he had answered the question correctly, based on the information he was given. But if it doesn't "fit" within the confines of the answers that are deemed acceptable by the curriculum, it's wrong. Grr.

Crista ~ good luck on your tests!! SEVEN chapters? That's sadistic. I thought 4 was tough but our prof is kind enough to let us have a "cheat sheet" to include all cranial nerves and all hormones. *whew*

Cannibal Panda said...

I have issues with the curriculum- as the question was posed with an "IF".

"...he had to circle the objects that will fall to the ground if something is not holding them up. Place an 'X' on the objects that will NOT fall to the ground."

Therefore, your son answered correctly! They need to reword the question if they want an accurate response. Now, had the sheet ONLY stated the latter sentence, then yes he over-thought it.

What I dislike about the homework they send home is that they are generally sans instructions. When I have approached teachers about this I am generally told that my child should know how to do the assignment because they covered it in class. Hence there is no need for instructions. Grr..

At least when they get older and bring home algebra, calc. & science you no longer need instructions because you'll be back in familiar territory again. :)

Anonymous said...

Sweetie - don't sweat the 20th; I'm coming up on my 45th!!!

IF you go, you will be amazed at the changes (some good, some not so good) that have overtaken your classmates.

Hope you do make it to MILblogger event :)

Crista said...

Cheat sheet? Yea, right!! Had to know the cranial nerves and all those hormones!! And which releasing hormones go with which whatever hormones and what glands produce them and what they do, etc etc etc And the flow of hormones from hypothalamus to anterior or posterior pituitary or whatever. Awesome, I tell you!! Just awesome!!

Chuck said...

Seriously? There was this feller named Newton (invented the fig, apparently) who explained that objects in motion tend to stay in motion, objects at rest tend to stay at rest, unless acted on by an outside force.

So unless an outside force acted on those groceries, they will stay put. All things being equal, they would never, ever fall to the ground due to gravity unless there was a structural failure of the bag or the chair, which would likely happen due to decomposition of the food in the bag. If, however, the stool was made out of plastic, and the groceries were twinkiethe mean time between failures of the bag or the stool could be measured in terms that only have meaning to physicists, geologists, and astronomers.

Kinda like when my son was marked wrong for writing that europe was "a continent north of South America." There are several continents I can think of that are North of that continent.

Homefront Six said...

Even though we're allowed to have a cheat sheet, I'm memorizing them anyway because I'm going to have to learn them at some point - might as well be now.

"Cranial nerves table must include: nerve number; nerve name; is it motor, sensory, or both; what organs are innervated, and what is organs response to this nerve impulses.
Endocrine system table must include: gland name; hormones secreted by this gland; target organs to these hormones; organs reaction to these hormones."


Crista said...

I have some tables for the endocrine system if you want them. I have a friend that teaches A&P in Tennessee and she sent them to me. Just let me know!!

Homefront Six said...

Crista ~ those would be fabulous!

Chuck ~ you'd have failed out of school because you were too smart.

Crista said...

shoot me an email at clmcormick@hotmail.com and I'll shoot them your way.


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