Mi vida loca

So here's my life for the next 3 weeks or so:

4MAR: Anatomy lab + quiz
Micro lab + quiz

7MAR: Run PowerPoint at church
Micro lecture group project part 3 due (1 page paper on the transmission routes,signs and symptoms, and virulence factors of the HSV-2 virus)
Anatomy lecture quiz due

9MAR: Micro lecture quiz due
Micro lecture assignment due
Micro lab + quiz

10-13MAR: Micro lecture exam due

11MAR: Anatomy lab + quiz
Micro lab + quiz

16MAR: Micro lab + quiz

18MAR: Anatomy lab midterm
Micro lab exam (took it early)

20MAR: Anatomy lecture exam (nervous system including cranial nerves plus endocrine system)

I'm pretty sure I will be mainlining caffeine by about 13MAR. Fun times! Oh, and did I add that I'm also TEACHING an anatomy class to a group of high schoolers? Next Friday, we are dissecting a cow's heart. Now if I could just get my college Anatomy professor to let me teach THAT class...

And somewhere in there, I also have to fit the "normal stuff" - laundry, cooking, cleaning, taxi service, church, yoga, dental appointments, and sign language practice. Notice that sleep was not included in that list. Oy.


- hfs


Crista said...

Your exam on 20 March is the one I took yesterday. blah Took me about 2 hours to memorize the cranial nerves and all their functions and innervated parts. Soooo not fun at all. But, at least when I cry these days I start laughing because I know how the tear duct system works. lol

You can do it!!!

Pogue said...

Sleep is nothing but a crutch...


Homefront Six said...

Pogue ~ very much so. Highly overrated too, wouldn't you say? You can sleep when you're dead.

Crista ~ thanks :) Flash cards are my friends right now for both the cranial nerves and then endocrine system. I should buy stock in the company that makes them.

Crista said...

Uh, I'm in week...what, week 7...I've made over 1000 flash cards already. I went through 2000 last semester. roflmao


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