Scholarships - UPDATE

Didn't get the NMFA scholarship. Phooey. But that's ok - the immediate future of my schooling (i.e. next semester) is about as up in the air as MacGyver's career. Between the suspension of the MyCAA funds (yes, I know they've reinstated the program but the future funding of the program is not solid yet and I'm not sure that they will be granting assistance in the fall...we'll see) and the fact that there are only a few classes left for me to take before I dive into a nursing program (which won't happen while we're here - the nursing programs are maxed to capacity and the wait lists are miles long), I won't have much left to do.

But I'm still disappointed. Phooey. C'est la vie, nes't pas?

Kids are on spring break this week. Midterms for me this week. Should be an interesting combination.


- hfs


Cannibal Panda said...

Have you thought about a PA vs a nursing program? I don't know a lot about either program, but thought perhaps there may be less of a waiting list for a Physicians Assistant than nursing with nursing being so popular.

I'd also look into radiology etc too- as I would think anything comparable would be better than having to be put on hold.

Sorry to hear about the scholarship. I've applied to so many I finally just gave up. Even when I had a 4.0 I still didn't win them- esp. the military spouse ones. There are a few out there for women in the sciences, but without internships under your belt they are tough to get too. You may be a different story though- as from what you say here you are involved a lot in the community and that goes a long way. There is a site that will spit back scholarships you are eligible for based on your major, but I'm sure you've already found it.

Don't give up! You can do it! When a door shuts just find a way to pick the lock! :)

Homefront Six said...

Thanks :) I'm not giving up - just trying to be patient. I've not applied for that many scholarships yet. I will once we our situation clarifies a bit. If I do, in fact, need to go to nursing school then we will be all sorts of economically eligible (i.e. we won't have an income at all) in addition to being somewhere that has schools I can get into. If that happens, I probably won't need to worry about scholarships much - I'll be eligible for grants based on lack of income, family size, and the fact that I am a "non-traditional student".

I've thought about going PA vs. RN. Time is of the essence as is my desire to not incur more debt (ala student loans) than is absolutely necessary. PA schools are usually more expensive, longer duration, and more competitive than nursing schools. As for rad tech, that's not quite up my alley. Not enough adrenaline involved :)

And I think the website you're talking about for scholarships is fastweb.com - wonderful site. Unfortunately, at this point, our income puts me out of the running for many of the scholarships. I'm continuing to look in case our situation changes.

Back to studying!


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