MilBlog Conference 2010 (MBC) - 2

SECOND PANEL: "National Security Smorgasbord"
1.) Abe Sofaer (Hoover.org)
2.) Michael Yon (Michael Yon)
Moderator: Greyhawk from Mudville Gazette

Mike Yon is live via satellite from Afghanistan - connectivity has been iffy so hopefully we can keep him connected. Greyhawk asks him how the morale of our men and women over there is. Mike says that, despite some hard fights and casualties, they are doing well.

Mike says that just a few hours ago, he found out he's been "disembedded".

Shelle reminds us that Mike has a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account, in addition to his blog. Mike says that both have been incredibly useful - much more informal than even blogging.

Marcus (who is running the live stream on YouServed.com) asks a few questions from the live stream chat.

Troy (also from YouServed) asks whether, in hindsight, the abrupt end to Mike's embed with the Brits wound up being a good thing or a bad thing. Mike says it was probably a bad thing for the Brits but he's able to be flexible and go where he can when he can.

Mike's closing remarks: pay attention to Afghanistan. This year will show us which way this war is going to go. He just signed on for another book (w00t!) so maybe being disembedded is a good thing!

Thanks Michael!

Mr. Abe Sofaer is up now - interesting guy. Retired AF, former district judge under Jimmy Carter. Works for the Hoover Institution. Greyhawk asks, "What is the purpose of a think-tank?"

Mr. Sofaer is now discussing his book, The Best Defense?.

More to come.

Next up we have SSGT Norman Hatch - a WWII veteran and combat cameraman who went ashore with the Marines at Tarawa and filmed the landings, assault, and battle for that piece of land. He won an Academy Award for his film of that event in 1944. He's discussing Iwo Jima now.

If you care to watch live footage of the conference, go HERE

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