MilBlog Conference 2010 (MBC) - 5

FIFTH PANEL: Legislation, Military Style

1.) Brandon Friedman (VA.gov)
2.) Winslow Wheeler (CDI.org)
3.) Mark Seavy (This Ain't Hell but he also works for the American Legion if I'm not mistaken)

Moderator: Colin Clarke of DoDBUZZ.com

I joined this panel already in progress. Currently we're talking about money - discretionary vs. non-discretionary...it's not an unlimited pot. So what gives? Where does the money come from? What do we sacrifice in order to rebuild the WWII era barracks or add more nurses to the VA ranks?

Are benefits the best way to recruit the right people for the job? Is it better to deliver on the promises already promised rather than promise new promises?

Question: Where do you drop the axe? What do you cut?

Question: Opinions on the changes with regard to DADT (don't ask, don't tell).

Question: If every claim in backlog at the VA were approved tomorrow, would the VA have enough money to pay?

OK - that's it from me for now. Hope you all enjoyed the live blog.


- hfs


BillT said...

Oh, wow -- it's like I was *there*!

Same deafening silence between questions as at a DoD retiree briefing...

Homefront Six said...

I was so wiped out that I just couldn't track the answers. Forgive me. I do believe that Marcus has the whole thing archived over at YouServed. If not, he will.

BillT said...

Oh, all right. You're forgiven.

For your penance, drink three Blue Hawaiians.


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